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By incorporating Xeneta’s real-time data and market intelligence platform and TenderEasy’s workflow, PUMA can now identify and seize market opportunities faster than ever before.

This collaboration equips the PUMA team with more finely tuned analytics, allowing the company to now address critical business questions with unprecedented speed and accuracy—two things PUMA’s culture highly values.

Moreover, the team is able to promote data-driven decision making, resulting in lowering risks and boosting its status as a trusted advisor to senior management.

With the current state of the world, we're all scrambling for information to help us better understand what's happening in the transportation market and how this will affect our day jobs. With so much information bombarding us from the media, we need to filter it and decipher it.

What's it really saying? What does it mean?  Listen to the Transportation Insights 15-minute Webinars on various pertinent topics. Enjoy!

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