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8 min read  | Transportation Insights

The Shipping Countdown: Top 7 factor(s) that will impact the market in 2023

Sonal Mishra  | Dec 5, 2022 12:57:00 PM

Did you miss our podcast? If yes, then we have good news for you.

We are back with our popular 'Transportation Insights' podcast. A monthly podcast series where industry experts take the mic to discuss, debate and dive into freight transportation trends and topics impacting the ocean & air markets.

In December 2022 episode, you will learn about the top seven factors that will definitely impact the ocean and air freight market in 2023. Xeneta experts will debate these factors to determine the top 3 in the list to understand how the shippers, BCOs, carriers and freight forwarders will be affected by them.

The debate will begin as a countdown starting from seven to the top 3 trends to watch out for. As you move towards the finale of this podcast, you will find out which factor/trend that will be the one that:
  • will disrupt the market
  • will mean the most to the market
  • and will impact the direction of freight rates, regardless of anything


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"The Shipping TOP 7 list" – a countdown of factor(s) that will impact the ocean and air freight markets in 2023. 

In this episode, Peter Sand, Xeneta's Chief analyst, debated the top 7 factors that he suspects will impact the ocean & air freight markets in 2023 with Patrik Berglund, CEO and Co-founder at Xeneta, Niall van de Wouw, Chief Air freight officer at Xeneta and Emily Stausbøll, Market analyst at Xeneta.

Here are few discussions from the podcast, where you might also want to chip in:

  • Will COVID continue causing chaos at a global level? 
  • Where does the looming recession fall on the list of factors affecting 2023? 
  • Will the contracts be in breach, or will they be renegotiated again?
  • Will we see more index-linked contracts coming up?
  • Will we see the spot and contract market rates at par anytime soon?
  • How will the energy crisis affect ocean and air freight next year?  


  • Patrik Berglund, CEO & Co-Founder, Xeneta
  • Niall van de Wouw, Chief Air Freight Officer, Xeneta
  • Emily Stausbøll, Market Analyst, Xeneta


  • Peter Sand, Chief Analyst, Xeneta 


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