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4 min read  | Transportation Insights

Digitalization & Future of Container Shipping

Sonal Mishra  | Jan 24, 2023 3:39:01 PM

New year, new podcast episode! Welcome back to a new edition of 'Transportation Insights,' a monthly podcast series by Xeneta, where industry experts take the mic to discuss, debate and dive into freight transportation trends and topics impacting the ocean & air markets.

This month's episode talked about what digitalization means from a shipper or BCO perspective and how it is an enabler of sustainability in the supply chain industry. We also discussed the future of digital advancements introduced during Covid with our special guest, Mr. Kris Kosmala, Partner at Click and Connect.

Will these new solutions stay around or face a similar destiny as Tradelens? 

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Key Highlights

  • Causality - Is this the holy grail for digitalization in container shipping?
  • The crash and burn of Tradelens
  • Sustainability in container shipping can be achieved by reducing waste, primarily the waste of 'time.'
  • How can digitalization help in reducing carbon emissions?
  • What is the future of reshoring/nearshoring? Does it support a sustainable mindset in the supply chain?


  • Kris Kosmala, Partner at Click and Connect

Mr. Kris Kosmala is a Partner at Click & Connect, a consulting company dedicated to solving business and technology in the area of international trade and logistics. He is also a strategic advisor to a number of startups addressing supply chain visibility and maritime industry operations. He focuses on business and operational transformation of supply chains and their alignment on a global scale, one that forces deep integration and collaboration between various actors facilitating global trade execution. Learn more about him here. 


  • Peter Sand, Chief Analyst, Xeneta 

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