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Articles on freight forwarding

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[Get Webinar] April'18 | Ocean Freight Shipping Rates at a Glance

By | on Apr 30, 2018 | Shipping rates, freight forwarding, Market Analysis, Procurement, Benchmarking, Ocean freight, Data driven

In our latest quarterly webinar, we've reviewed the ocean freight rates for the past quarter. We analyzed the main trade lanes:Asia-Europe (import and export), Trans-Atlantic, Trans-Pacific. Due to th[...]

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Xeneta Introduces Expert NVO Commercial Team

By | on Dec 05, 2017 | Company, freight forwarding, Freight Industry

I am happy to share the news that we have fortified our NVO offering introducing a first-rate NVO Commercial team. We are pleased to bring on board shipping industry experts Paul Mullins, Ronald Plevi[...]

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What Is The Difference Between A NVOCC And A Freight Forwarder?

By | on Jun 07, 2017 | Supply Chain, Logistics, freight forwarding

An NVOCC and Freight Forwarder are often considered to be the same by many people. This may have been influenced by the  FMC’s consideration of both NVOCC and Freight forwarder as an  Ocean Transporta[...]

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[Take Survey] Do you believe global shipping is threatened by the rising protectionist sentiment?

By | on Mar 01, 2017 | Supply Chain, Shipping rates, freight forwarding

We are seeing more and more various administrations taking government actions and policies to restrain international trade with perhaps the intent of protecting local jobs from foreign competition. Th[...]

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The Amazon Effect On The Ocean Freight Forwarding Industry (Survey Data)

By | on Feb 28, 2017 | Supply Chain, Logistics, freight forwarding

In an already crowded market and one that is challenging from a profitability perspective, news of a new entrant can always cause both curiosity and concern in the freight forwarding market. But what [...]

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[Take Survey] What effect will Amazon have on the freight forwarding industry?

By | on Feb 21, 2017 | Supply Chain, Shipping rates, freight forwarding

The industry has lately been enthralled with the possible game-changing news of Alibaba, Maersk and CMA-CGM working together. Amazon has also been busy building up its grasp in the freight forwarding [...]

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