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FE - NE: $11,033-- WoW +1.09% MoM +17.16%
NE - FE: $1,846 -- WoW -0.11% MoM -2.59%
FE - MED: $11,483 -- WoW +0.20% MoM +17.02%
MED - FE: $1,898 -- WoW 0.00% MoM +3.10%
FE - USW: $4,889 -- WoW +1.20% MoM +7.32%
USW - FE: $1,162 -- WoW +1.93% MoM -3.41%
FE - SAE: $10,140 -- WoW +1.42% MoM +18.32%
NE - USE: $4,555 -- WoW +1.92% MoM +12.11%
USE - NE: $715 -- WoW +1.56% MoM +4.69%
MED - USE: $5,159 -- WoW +2.36% MoM +6.13%
USE - MED: $1,313 -- WoW +4.79% MoM -4.44%
NE - SAE: $2,541 -- WoW +1.48% MoM +5.39%
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[Take Survey] How can smaller carriers compete against shipping alliances?

Katherine Barrios
Mar 10, 2017

Weekly survey.png

Spring is here or soon arriving in many parts of the world. For the shipping enthusiasts, it also marks the beginning of the new shipping alliances. THE Alliance will set sail in April and together with 2M and the Ocean Alliance, they will dominate trade on the North Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia-North America lanes by almost 90-percent. With the current overcapacity ocean freight rates will most likely be affected. Where does this leave the little guy, smaller carriers? This week we are asking our community, "How can smaller carriers compete against shipping alliances?" Let us know your thoughts in the survey and we'll post the results next week. 

Xeneta Weekly Industry Survey #8 2017

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