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4 min read  | Shipping rates

[Take Survey] Are you experiencing higher rates and tight capacity leading up to Chinese New Year?

Katherine Barrios  | January 18, 2017

Weekly survey.png

Chinese New Year 2017 is just around the corner and although ocean freight prices have increased, anything can happen after the Chinese holiday as overcapacity, overall, still looms.  We are surveying our shipping community to see if you are seeing any effects in anticipation of Chinese New Year. I invite you to take the survey. We'll post the results next week.

Xeneta Weekly Industry Survey #3 2017

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Shipping Rates on the Rise | Have the Upper Hand

Ocean freight rates are increasing. Find out how to stay ahead of the market to make sure your freight prices are competitive and cargo flow uninterrupted.

Download our webinar, where we review shipping rates for the main global routes and you'll get answers to questions like:

  • What should you be on the lookout for during your 2017 ocean freight negotiations?
  • What was the price activity like for the spot market in Q4 2016 for Asia-N.Europe and Asia - North America West Coast and how are long-term rates behaving?
  • Should shippers continue to wait out contract negotiations or is it getting risky? 

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