We bring pricing transparency to the shipping industry.

Changing Global Shipping, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

At Xeneta we believe there is an untapped potential for everyone in the industry, to systematically learn from our individual and collective efforts. We hold true that "if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it". That’s why we think actionable metrics is the key to continuously evolve for every business, and ultimately the entire industry.

Changing global logistics and SCM is the vision of Xeneta. With international experience from the logistics industry, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges related to high volatility and lack of transparency in the ocean freight rate market. By combining our logistics background and information technology expertise, we found the solution to these challenges.

We are called Xeneta. 


Continuing Our Quest

Named Norway's "Startup of the Year 2016", we are continuing our growth with recent commercial expansions to North America and a sales office in Hamburg, Germany as of Q4 2016. The density of our ocean freight rate data has also exploded with 17+ million contracted rates currently in our platform. 

With our headquarters in beautiful and charming Oslo, Norway our team of dedicated and extremely intelligent human beings is what makes Xeneta tick. We have a passion for software technology and global trade, but most of all, a desire to change the business of global logistics once and for all.