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1 min read  | XSI

Xeneta Launches Free Public Index

Patrik Berglund  | April 22, 2021

On behalf of Xeneta, I am excited, proud and humbled to announce the launch of the Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI) for the short-term market. It is reporting daily (with a 2-day lag) for 12 main trade lanes, publicly available and free for all. https://xsi.xeneta.com.

The container shipping industry was looking for a reliable and trusted data source to fill the void left by the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI). This is our gift to the industry providing a free daily index for the short-term container market with much broader coverage, accurately representing the movement of the market. 

As a co-founder of Xeneta, this is a special moment. It's a special moment for all Xenetians. Thinking back to 2013 when we founded Xeneta, it then felt like an impossible journey.

We first struggled to get buy-in for the visibility we wanted to provide to the industry, to get the rate data from our stakeholders, the initial resistance, and now, the shift towards positivity across the entire shipping industry. Today, we have over 280mm rates in our platform. 

We are proud to now work with several hundred big players on the freight forwarding, carrier and shipper side; the holy trinity.
Together, we are empowering everyone with data, true transparency. This is merely the  start. We can really go somewhere; together. Collectively, we will move the industry forward and continue modernizing the industry.

With so much uncertainty and volatility in the market, we believe that everyone in the industry should have the transparency and visibility needed to monitor the market and stay ahead. Global trade has so many dependencies and is so fickle. We all need data to be proactive, plan our next move and make the world go round. That's why we are providing the XSI® for the short-term market daily and open for all. 

I would like to thank all our customers, all the industry members of the press/analysts and most of all, our employees.

I invite you to visit https://xsi.xeneta.com and monitor the short-term market daily.

If you would like to learn more about Xeneta and how our benchmarking and market analytics can help to monitor the market, steer negotiations, budget, tender and measure results, contact us. We're happy to take you for a spin of the platform. 

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