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Product Update: Xeneta For Air Now Includes 'Top of Mind Archive'

Xeneta For Air Now Includes 'Top of Mind Archive'. Learn More.

In the Xeneta platform, Top of Mind is a dedicated section that features regular commentary and insights by our Chief Analyst, Peter Sand.

In our latest update, the Top of Mind for Air Freight has been updated to provide customers access to all previous Top of Mind commentaries. This can be accessed either directly on the 'Market Overview' page or in the new Top of Mind section under the Inform tab.

By default, the posts display just the date and the headline, but you can read the full version of the commentary simply by clicking on an individual card.

The Value of Market Commentary

The Top of Mind Archive for AirThe main idea behind Top of Mind is to help you paint a more detailed picture of the market by providing additional context around rate development.

Given how unstable and unpredictable the freight market can be, it’s a substantial advantage to have this source of insight on freight rate dynamics and market movements in addition to Xeneta rate data.

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