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Xeneta 15-Minute Product Tour

What is Xeneta? Take the Xeneta 15-minute product tour.



Consuming content and product descriptions is not always easy. We thought it would be a good idea to hold quick 15-minute product tour demos of Xeneta, so you familiarize yourself with our platform's features and functions. All you need is 15 minutes, your laptop, tablet or phone, an internet connection and a love for shipping rate data. 

When is the Next 15-minute Product Tour?

Thursday, October 6 @ 15:00CET/9:00amEST

What Will You See in the Product Tour?

  • All the different features and functions of Xeneta

    • How to search for port-port rates using our Xeneta Geo-Hierarchy

    • How to view rate data in an easy-to-read format

    • How to switch between chart types

    • How to select equipment type and compare rates

    • How to view rate data for short and long-term contracts

    • How to analyze the intelligence by using filters to slice and dice the rate data

    • How to easily export data

This is a quick product tour to demo the Xeneta platform and show you the basics of Xeneta.

All you need is 15 minutes. Register for the Xeneta product tour.

We will hold weekly 15-minute product tours. Check out the schedule here, which will be updated weekly with new dates.

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