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2 min read  | Company

The Women of Xeneta: Happy Women's Day

Katherine Barrios  | March 8, 2020

We are happy to celebrate International Women's Day and salute all the strong and proud Women of Xeneta. Our women colleagues are a driving force in reaching Xeneta's mission to transform how freight is bought and sold. We, the Women of Xeneta, have been and will continue to be pivotal in shaping, executing and evangelizing our strategy. We are proud of what we have accomplished, how far we have come and the impact we have made, both in our professional and private lives. 

Listen to What Makes Us Proud


Sadly, women everywhere, no matter race or creed, are faced with disrespect, inequality, defamation and injustice. Luckily, in the past decade many movements have arisen giving women a voice, a platform to stand up on and feel empowered to decry all the disrespect and the many faces of injustice. Industries that were once die-hard male dominated are making way for women to make a true and meaningful impact for the good of the industry and the world.

We are seeing more and more females in pivotal leadership positions in shipping, logistics and tech companies. I am proud to be one of them. Therefore, it's my personal mission to lift up our women, encourage us all to jump and take chances, challenge ourselves, be open to critique, speak up (if you see something, you better say something), sharpen the elbows, take what's yours, don't be over careful, grab opportunities (don't wait for them to come), believe in what we know, use our gift of empathy and never EVER give up. We must lift up and support each other. Never stomp on one another. Otherwise, we've lost. 

Thanks to all our strong women who shared their proud moments in the video above. Thanks to our husbands, partners and our male colleagues who have supported our quest for respect and equality, in all the phases of our careers. All of us have to actively fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and most importantly celebrate women's achievements.

Remember: "The rise of women doesn't equate to the fall of men." #eachforequal

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