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Xeneta Embraces Equity: Happy Women's Day 2023

Check out Xeneta's 2023 International Women's Day video as we celebrate all women and the supporting men who champion gender equity and a more equal future.

It’s that day again, March 8. Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s a bit head-scratching why it’s one day in the year when we choose to celebrate women. Nonetheless, it is an important day to mark the achievements and highlight the still present gender-equity challenges faced in all parts of the world, and in particular, the shipping and tech industries.

While there has been for sure great progress in gender equality and equity, we still have lots of work to do to eradicate unconscious biases.

We all must play a role in supporting each other, making sure all voices are heard no matter what you look like, what you wear, where you are from, or what your beliefs are. Respect is deserved by all.

Ask yourself, “How are you embracing equity and championing a more equal future?”

Check out Xeneta’s video International Women’s Day 2023 where we celebrate our women and men who support the cause of truly believing in what women are capable of.

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