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Q1'23 Carbon emission carrier ranking | Far East to North Europe

Check out Xeneta and Marine Benchmark Carbon Emissions Index (CEI) rankings for carrier carbon emissions. See which carrier performed best in the Far East to North Europe trade in Q1 2023 - CMA CGM. Get our naming and faming list now.

We are back with another ranking of carrier carbon emissions based on the Xeneta and Marine Benchmark Carbon Emissions Index (CEI). We like to call it “naming and faming”. This week we are looking at Far East and North Europe trade. In Q1 2023, CMA CGM was the best-performing carrier in the Far East to North Europe corridor.

Q1 2023 saw an improvement in the CEI between the Far East and North Europe, dropping by 5.3 index points to 90.8. This comes after the index on this trade was on an upward trend in 2022, hitting its highest point in Q4. The latest improvements are due to many variables, but a clear improvement was an increase in the general filling factor of the corridor, rising from 86% to 91% in Q1.

The trade lane has also seen an increase in ship size. In Q4 2022, smaller ships were used, whereas in Q1 2023, larger and younger ships were deployed, improving trade efficiency.

Q1'23 CEI Carrier Ranking

Far East to North Europe




1 CMA CGM 77.8
2 Evergreen 81.6
3 HMM 85.2
11 ZIM Lines 187.8






Since Q1 2022, CMA CGM has been the top-performing carrier with an index of 81.6, now improving to its current index of 77.8. During Q1 2023, CMA CGM maintained a filling factor of over 93%—higher than the current trade lane average of 86%.

It is worth noting that during Q1 2023, CMA CGM also utilized younger vessels compared to other carriers on this trade lane. Since 2018, the company has gradually reduced its usage of older vessels in the Far East – North Europe lane. Presently, CMA CGM deploys vessels that are 6.3 years old on this particular trade lane, while the trade lane average is 7.1 years.

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