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2 min read  | Product update

Product Update: Ocean Priority Shipments Fees Now in Xeneta

Anastassia Wojtek  | November 29, 2021

We’re happy to announce that we have now made available the range of priority shipment fees and the median fee paid on all the major front haul corridors directly in the Xeneta for Ocean Freight platform. Xeneta customers have immediate access to this information.

Over the past six months or so, we have seen the rise of shipping guarantees, priority shipment fees, premium fees, diamond fees, you name it. All these fees have one major characteristic in common. They supposedly guarantee you space on the vessel.

Xeneta does not aggregate the fee directly into our rate or graphs. We believe this is ultimately confusing for our customers and the market. After all, many still ship most of their volumes without paying additional surcharges. We instead show the priority fee values as a separate indicator both in our graph and in our search functionalities.

As part of this update to our platform, we are also introducing a new page in the market trends section of our platform to give a full global overview of the premium shipment fees.

Product update - pri shpment fee

Why is Xeneta Unique?

Many indexes and data providers have made a choice on whether the premium fees should be included or not in the price calculations. Xeneta is the only one that allows you to evaluate the prices both with shipment fees included and excluded so that you can better understand the market and your performance.

As always, Xeneta also does not only provide you a market average but also the spread of the fees to further understand the market and your procurement possibilities associated with it. 

Xeneta customers can access the priority shipment fees for all the major fronthaul corridors immediately. 

If you would like to learn more about the Xeneta platform and how you can get instant visibility into ocean freight rates, capacity and overall market trends, contact us for a proof of value. 

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