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NEW! Transportation Insights Webinar Series

bethany-legg-75nbwHfDsnY-unsplashPhoto Credit: Bethany Legg on Unsplash

There is so much happening in the world right now altering life as we know it. Our everyday jobs are impacted as we all try to make some sense of what things will be like once we come out of the current crisis. We believe sharing information, best practices and getting together to learn from each other is needed now, more than ever. I'm excited to launch the Transportation Insights Webinar Series - Industry experts united to share information and lift the industry up. Three fresh new webinars are available right now. Access them here.

About every week we will release a new webinar with an industry expert discussing the latest topics impacting our industry right now. These will be short 15 minutes sessions on topics such as: ocean and air freight rate currrent movements, capacity, mode shifting, supply and demand outlook, global recession insights, IMO 2020/bunker outlook and a whole lot more. Thanks to our industry fellows for joining us on this initiative to stand together and share knowledge.

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We'll announce each new webinar as we record them, approximately weekly, via our channels, so be on the look out. Find us on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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