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Product Update: New Terminal Handling Charge Feature Release

Gleb Nikonov
Jan 23, 2020

The world of terminal handling charges (THC) can be complex. Many shippers have their own methodologies that make it quite difficult to provide one common solution to the market.

At Xeneta, we have applied our own default methodology to the rate comparisons for all of our users that have uploaded their freight prices.This means that if, for example, the customer provided a rate with OTHC and DTHC included, we may compare that with only the OTHC values on certain trade lanes.

Today, we are excited to announce a new feature that allows users the option to view the benchmarked rates in their own THC methodology (where available) — by-passing the default Xeneta methodology and seeing rates in a more familiar context. This also provides more accuracy and insight to figures like savings and spend differentials offered in our analytics product.

Setting the THC methodology to use the THC - User option will update the prices shown by all analytics features within Xeneta, including the dashboard, the My Prices page, and the My Spend page. Exported reports will also take into account the THC - User option.

You can find the My THC selector in the top-right part of the screen, along with the other market metrics.


For additional details, check out our help page, located here

 Current Xeneta Customers

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