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May 2019 Xeneta Product Updates in Less Time Than a Coffee Break

Xeneta product and development teams have been working tirelessly to bring new features and additional value to our customers. 

In this video, our Product Marketing Manager, Alexandra shares with you...

  • a sneak peek into what we have in store for this year's Transport Logistic fair visitors
  • a personal tour of how to keep your rates updated
  • exciting news about the user experience improvements
may 2019 product spotlight

User Experience Improvements

We are committed to providing the best product experience for our users and a critical part of this experience is the time it takes to both load and visualize data.  As our data footprint grows, our processes and technology must grow as well to keep up with the demands of displaying this data.  We are excited to announce that with recent back-end optimization, we have been able to increase the loading speed of graphs by up to 100%.

This means insights coming your way even faster - log in now to check it out for yourself!

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If you aren’t a Xeneta customer just yet and would like to see a LIVE demo of Xeneta and these new features in action, please contact us, and will gladly walk you through the platform. 

 See you next month.

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