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Shipping and logistics news, thoughts and knowledge on the changing container freight and supply chain industry.

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Gleb Nikonov

Posts by Gleb Nikonov

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Product Update: New Terminal Handling Charge Feature Release

By | on Jan 23, 2020 | Product update

The world of terminal handling charges (THC) can be complex. Many shippers have their own methodologies that make it quite difficult to provide one common solution to the market.

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Rate Management at Xeneta

By | on Oct 31, 2019 |

Freight shipping is the backbone for much of the world's commerce. With hundreds of ports across the world, the amount of possible shipping routes is staggering — and the amount of paperwork associate[...]

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Estimated Rates

By | on Oct 31, 2019 |

At Xeneta, we strive to deliver meaningful data for every port in the world. We are proud of the unmatched freight rate coverage we provide in the industry and, as of 2019, we have coverage for over 1[...]

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