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State of the Ocean Freight Market

May 2023

Ocean Freight Rate Developements

Which ocean corridors should you keep an eye on

As we pass the one-year anniversary of the US West Coast labor negotiations, uncertainty on long-term impacts continues on major corridors.

To mitigate the disruptions, shippers and forwarders must foresee potential impacts to their operations and diversify their suppliers, routes, and transport methods if needed. While the timeline of a finalized deal is still unknown, there are steps one can take to avoid excess costs, congestion or poor deliverability. 

In the May State of the Ocean Freight Market Xeneta experts Peter Sand and Emily Stausbøll discussed: 

  • US West Coast labor negotiations will continue impacting the market
  • Tips for shippers and forwarders navigating the ongoing dispute 
  • Spotlight on the Transatlantic market & lanes 
  • Spot & long-term freight rates on top trade lanes 

Data sneak peek: