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Xeneta Ocean Analytics

Drill down on the factors that impact your rates & take strategic action

Benchmark your prices against the market and identify opportunities to save, retain customers and expand.

Understand Your Market Position

Is it time to adjust your prices? Success as a freight forwarder means securing business and protecting your margins, and you can’t do either of those if the rates you offer aren’t in line with the rest of the market. 

By uploading your freight rates and volumes into Xeneta, you can benchmark your rates with real-time rate data on both the long- and short-term markets and adjust as necessary. 

Xeneta Ocean Freight Report Showing Spend Comparison and Savings Potential
margin improvement
month to see ROI
minutes to benchmark 5k lanes

Measure Carrier Performance and Reliability

Forwarders and carriers have a unique relationship, but are the prices carriers offer really the best you can get?  

Xeneta organizes your uploaded data by individual carrier, helping you identify your best and worst performing suppliers in context of the market average. View the Schedule Reliability of each carrier to see the number of recent blank sailings. 

These analytics are a great resource to help you justify your prices and supplier choice to customers. 

Xeneta Platform Showing Ocean Freight Market Trends Rate Movement

Find opportunities for growth

It’s a big world out there, and as a forwarder, there’s endless potential for you to grow. Xeneta Analytics helps you identify emerging markets and how your budget should change with the addition of new corridors. As tender season approaches, should you consider expanding your reach?  

Within Analytics, you can also benchmark your spend against container type, origin and destination—allowing you to find your most lucrative niche. 

Ocean Freight Market Trends Surcharge Report from Xeneta

Refine your tender process

The RFQ/tender process can be tedious and uncertain. If either party goes into it blind (without a deep understanding of the market) sub-optimal results are all but guaranteed. 

Upload multiple tender requests into Xeneta to compare them against both the market and your previous contracts.  

By understanding where the market currently sits and creating a simple, repeatable tender process, you save time (aka money) and improve all-round efficiency during busy periods. 

Xeneta Ocean Freight Benchmarking Report

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