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Xeneta product update: Global data coverage

Xeneta Product update: Xeneta Geo-hierarchy - Full data coverage on all global trade routes.

Today, we are happy to announce the release of our next Xeneta platform update. 

Customers will notice signficant improvements to our rate data structure, search results and Dashboard, meant to optimize accuracy and performance. Below are some of the noticeable updates and new features: 


*NEW* Introducing the Xeneta Geo-Hierarchy


The new Xeneta Geo-Hierarchy introduces global data coverage. It is a location-based structure that lets you drill down or roll up your desired shipping locations for more accurate rate aggregation. You can now view region level shipping rates for more precise and relevant price data. You will notice the power and accuracy of the Xeneta Geo-Hierarchy as soon as you start searching in the search lane box.  Learn more here





Xeneta-trendlines.png*NEW* Trend Lines 

The Xeneta charts now offer Trend Lines allowing you to see trends based on historical and current data smoothing out any fluctuations. 




*NEW* Future Long-Term Contracts 


This new feature allows you to see and compare your rates against future long-term rates and see how the market will move for those contracts. Please contact your Account Executive or send an email to, if you are interested in learning more about this feature. 


*IMPROVEMENT* Search Functionality


The search functionality has received a major overhaul offering accurate results no matter the special characters used, typos or other typing anomalies. The Search is able to provide intelligent and quick results accurately matching your criteria. 


See Xeneta in Action

If you are not yet a customer and would like to see Xeneta in action and how it can help you save on your ocean container freight rates, request a free demo.

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