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Xeneta Newsroom - April 7, 2022

Xeneta Newsroom brings you the latest on how the extended Shanghai lockdown is impacting supply chains and German retailer Lidl's shipping line plans.

Xeneta Newsroom

Welcome to Xeneta Newsroom - Your Weekly Dose of Shipping Market Insight!

Watch the latest episode of our weekly LinkedIn LIVE series where we deliver timely shipping market insights. This 10-minute expert commentary from Xeneta's Chief Analyst and market expert, Peter Sand will provide you with specific market updates so that you can anticipate any upcoming changes or disruptions and react faster to the ever-changing market conditions.

In case you missed the LIVE event, you can still enjoy the recorded session below: 

Xeneta Newsroom | April 07, 2022


Key Talking Points

  • Main Headlines in global media outlets
    • Supply chains remain in chaos as the Shanghai lockdown is extended indefinitely (2:28)
    • German Retailer Lidl Starts Shipping Line to Buy Containerships (6:58)
  • Freight Rates From Xeneta Platform (8:22)
  • News From The Blog 
Special segment of the episode
  • The song that sets the tone for this week (15:27)

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