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Xeneta Newsroom September 8, 2022 | Global demand update as spot rates continue to fall

In this Xeneta Newsroom edition, our experts share their thoughts on Covid-lockdowns in China, falling spot rates on US WC and the global demand update.

Xeneta Newsroom

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In case you missed the latest episode, you can still enjoy the recorded session below.

Key Talking Points

  • Covid-lockdowns in China
  • Falling spot rates on US WC
  • Global demand update

Watch the full episode here.

Shenzhen To North Europe Main


Starting with the week's main headlines, Peter started the Newsroom with the update on Covid lockdowns in China. Freight rates on the spot market are dropping in the early days of September. If you are wondering - Isn't that only related to the COVID lockdowns in Shenzhen? Peter argued otherwise in the broadcast.

If you operate in a large area like China, you will also tend to see rolling lockdowns of COVID impacting global shipping and supply chains. But this time around, you would not see a direct one-to-one impact from the COVID lockdowns compared to what we witnessed in Shanghai earlier in the year and about a month ago in Taiwan when we had Taiwan in the main picture for all of us.

Geopolitical tensions are racing freight rates from Taiwan to Mainland China but lowering freight rates from Taiwan to the US. Don't expect these lockdowns to affect only Shenzhen this time around. You will see some of the same developments from other origins in China. Be aware that COVID lockdowns are still impacting the hinterland logistics, getting boxes, get in-get out. Of course, some of the logistics, manufacturing facilities, and workers are affected to a large extent.

We still expect this to be the case for the rest of the year in Shenzhen and other places. Chengdu was only around recently close to Chongqing.

Falling Spot Rates On USWC


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