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2 min read

Xeneta December 2015 Product Update

Katherine Barrios  | December 21, 2015

The Xeneta platform is under constant development and improvement. Every month we release updates as well as incremental improvements and new features and functions, which will enrich your user experience.

December 2015 Notable Improvements & New Functionality

  • Major improvements on dashboard and table performance - Data on tables and charts load 10x's faster. This is most noticeable for companies with numerous trade routes and contracts inputted into the Xeneta platform.
  • Xeneta Rate Density IndicatorNew rate density indicator - Gives an indication how many valid rates Xeneta has on any given route. (Click to enlarge image:Xeneta-Data-indicator)
    • Under 10 rates = 1 dot
    • 10-20 rates = 2 dots
    • Over 20 rates = 3 dots

Many of the routes in the Xeneta platform have hundreds and even thousands of rates behind the graph. The indicator serves as a function that ensures a minimum level of available rates.

  • Xeneta Contract SegmentingAdded contract segmenting - You can choose whether to compare your rates to spot or long-term rates. Apple-to-apple comparison. (Click to enlarge image: Xeneta-contract-segmenting)



Coming Soon | January 2016 Update

  • Coming soon! Xeneta platform will receive a major update to include complete data coverage of all global trade routes.
    • Companies will be able to find contracted rates for all port-port connections making it easier and more accurate to see how your company's prices compare to the port connections it trades on.
  • Coming soon! Next quarters' long-term rates - Ability to see and compare your rates against the next quarters' long-term rates and see how the market will move for those contracts.
  • Coming soon! Trend lines - Extend a trend line in a chart beyond the actual data to analyze and capture trends. This will give you an indication where the market is moving towards.


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