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[Webinar Recap] Nov 2020 State of the Ocean Freight Market

Katherine Barrios
Nov 17, 2020

November 2020 is experiencing a massive increase in ocean freight rates on the major trade lanes. Not only is the trans-Pacific continuing to tick to unprecedented levels, Asia-Europe is now seeing unbelievable price hikes with recent GRIs. The end of 2020 can be a painful one for shippers as there doesn't seem to be any sign of a cease-fire.  

To help you weed through the current market unrest, we put together a Webinar focusing on the November 2020 market movements on the major trade lanes. 

As many shippers prepare for RFQ season, you need to be armed with the rate insights needed to navigate through this season's stormy waters. With the spot market at crazy levels , the contract market is expected to follow. 

We welcome you to listen to the webinar and get the insights you need to:

  • continuously monitor the market

  • analyze your market position

  • benchmark your rates against the market

  • set relevant accurate targets to gain the upper hand in your negotiations


Watch the November 2020 Webinar Now

Nov 2020 Xeneta Webinar

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