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[Webinar] Are you paying the right freight rates?

Join us for our LIVE Webinar and find out the positive impact intelligent benchmarking can have on your freight procurement and logistics strategy.

Unfortunately, some have a shared phobia of benchmarking. But, in reality how else do you know if you are doing something right or something totally wrong? Especially, in the shipping, logistics and supply chain industry, getting full visibility into the somewhat dim and archaic way of doing business, is only a breath of fresh air.

On Thursday, February 11th at 14.00CET/8:00AM EST, I will host, together with our CEO, Patrik Berglund, our WEBINAR titled: How to Benchmark Your Container Freight Rates and Change Your Logistics Business  

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By attending the Webinar, you'll start asking yourself:

  • How are we doing in comparison to our peers—below average, average, above average, exceptional?
  • Are our costs reasonable and in line with operations similar to ours?
  • How can we demonstrate the areas in which we are doing a good job?
  • How can we positively impact our overall logistics business strategy?

 We will also address some of the challenges in the container freight market:

  • An absence of market trend data. It’s a guessing game.
  • Static, disconnected, outdated and inefficiently structured data

And you will start wondering:
"Am I paying the right container freight rates?"

The Webinar seats are filling up fast, so I encourage you to save your spot quickly. Register now!


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