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RATE ALERT | Shippers Report USD 10,500 on Asia-Europe

January 2021 Xeneta reports unprecedented skyrocketing ocean freight rate levels with additional surcharges applied to get cargo moved.

Rates on the trans-Pacific and Asia-Europe eastbound are at a record high as shippers fight to get cargo on vessels. The Xeneta platform is reporting surcharge rates of over USD1K to get cargo moved. These surcharges are reported directly from shippers. In short and in reality, the market is 20% higher to move cargo on the TP Eastbound than reported.

Xeneta is analyzing all rates coming into the platform as many shippers are preparing for RFQs. Our shipper customers are reporting unprecedented rate and surcharge levels not being reported. Many are outlining troubles to move intra-Asia cargo due to capacity constraints on Europe-Asia.

Current spot rate levels with surcharges are the following in Xeneta:
(Jan 12, 2021, FEU, market rate)

  • Asia / Europe: USD 10,500

    [CLICK TO ENLARGE]Xeneta China Main - N.Europe Main - Jan 2021


  • Trans-Pacific: USD 5,000

    [CLICK TO ENLARGE]Xeneta TP Eastbound Jan 2021

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