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PUMA Partners with Xeneta and TenderEasy

PUMA, Xeneta, TenderEasy Collaboration Brings Increased Efficiency, Speed and Accuracy to Tender Process and Beyond


The logistics team at global sports brand PUMA wanted to move beyond its typical role as a cost-cutter and shift to a more strategic role within the organization. But when you regularly ship more than 40,000 TEUs through Asia, Europe and Latin America, market volatility and lack of transparency poses a real challenge. The team knew it needed to digitize its operations to move beyond spreadsheets and repetitive tasks.

Enter the unique collaboration between PUMA and Xeneta, the leading ocean and air freight rate benchmarking and market analytics platform and TenderEasy, e-tendering SaaS firm.

TenderEasy standardized and harmonized PUMA’s freight procurement process, allowing the logistics team to focus on analytics, negotiation and other strategic activities that add value to the company’s bottom line. At the same time, Xeneta delivers data accuracy and market transparency in real-time, making it the single source of truth for ocean and air freight data.

This collaboration empowers PUMA to:

  1. Monitor the market and benchmark performance relative to the market in the pre and post-negotiation phase
  2. Scope, bid, and execute the negotiation process with market-precision
  3. Understand and report business performance

Thanks to this collaboration, the logistics team can embody PUMA’s “Forever Faster” motto by addressing critical business issues with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Moreover, the team is able to promote data-driven decision making, resulting in lowering risks and boosting its status as a trusted advisor to senior management.

Here’s what PUMA’s Senior Manager of Logistics Peter Stockhammer has to say about the collaboration: 


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