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3 min read  | Product update

Product Update: Ocean Freight Capacity & Blank Sailings in Xeneta

Anastassia Wojtek  | June 4, 2021

In late 2020, we announced our collaboration with Sea-Intelligence to integrate supply-side data directly into the Xeneta platform. We are continuously improving and enriching the data integration and are pleased to now make available, in-platform, ocean freight capacity and blank sailings, in addition to the schedule reliability data. 

The Sea-Intelligence schedule reliability, capacity and blank sailings data is available under the Xeneta Market Insights add-on umbrella. Xeneta Market Insights aims to connect must-have industry and market external data insights into our platform. It provides ocean supply data side-by-side Xeneta’s robust ratesgiving industry professionals must-have market insights all in one platform.


Xeneta Market Insights creates a  connection between ocean freight rate benchmarks and a company’s/team’s/individual’s KPIs and strategic goals. It helps to provide a clear understanding as to why ocean freight rates behave as they do and support assumptions for future planning. 


Capacity & Blank Sailings

Market Insights - Capacity BigWhat? Monitor and measure the available capacity on a per-trade view.

Why? KPI setting and negotiation, Strategy (supplier selection & planning).


Some questions the capacity data can help you answer:

  • We are having heavy seasonality in our volumes that seem to be contrary to carriers' capacity patterns. How can we structure our MQC around this?
  • Our supplier is  showing a much higher fluctuation/ 20% capacity reduction compared to the average market. How do I make sure the supplier is able to keep our volume agreement operable? What will save us from getting rolled?
  • Do I need to change my overall capacity strategy given the ongoing trends?


Schedule Reliability

Market Insights - Schedule Reliability

What? Monitor and measure the on-time performance on a per-trade or per-carrier view.

Why? KPI setting and negotiation.


Some questions the schedule reliability data can help you answer:

  • Our supplier is saying they have the fastest transit time on this route, yet they are late on 3 out of 5 arrivals, which is 10% lower than market average. So, what is the benefit of booking with them when I need a speedy service?
  • Our supplier has lost 30% of its on-time reliability over the past 6 months. What measures are they taking to increase their reliability again and how should we deal with the current situation?
  • Our supplier is frequently underperforming its peer reliability, however, they are asking for the same (or a higher) price. What else can we expect to gain from booking with them?


See Xeneta in Action

To learn more about Xeneta Market Insights schedule reliability, capacity and blank sailings data, please go here

If you are interested in learning more about the Xeneta platform and how you can get your hands on ocean freight rate intelligence, schedule reliability, capacity and blank sailings data all in one turnkey platform, please contact us and we’re happy to show you how it looks and works. 

If you are an existing Xeneta customer and are interested in learning about how to add the schedule reliability, capacity and blank sailings add-on to your subscription, please contact your Xeneta Customer Success Manager.


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