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[Get Webinar] Q1 2016 Shipping Rates Continued the Slump

Xeneta presents Q1 2016 shipping rate data. Market intelligence for ocean freight rate benchmarking.


2016 shipping rates were off to a bumpy start hanging on to the coat tails of a grim end of 2015.  However, we don't expect this market to stay slumped for too long. 2016 will see an increase in freight rates in order to keep the vitality of the industry. 

In this on-demand webinar we have shared LIVE demo of the Xeneta platform:
  • Q1 2016 historical ocean freight rate data for short and long-term contracts for 40' containers.
    • See how the market prices have moved from Jan 1 - March 31, 2016
  • Market average, low and high ocean freight rates for the most popular trade lanes
    • Far East Asia - Europe
    • Far East Asia - North America
  • A glance at next quarter's long-term rates already in the Xeneta platform.
  • A high-level analysis from a Xeneta customer on how they have used the Xeneta data to obtain favorable and competitive price rates from their supplier. 
  • Xeneta's outlook for 2016 and the industry

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