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Case Study: How Nestlé Champions Real-Time Container Rate Data Intelligence

The FMCG sector moves at a rapid pace, ensuring large quantities of goods are available at the touch of a button. Our customers in this market tend to have one thing in common: they rely heavily on a logistics supply chain that can keep up with the demand, strategically and on-time.

To achieve the above, the optimization of their freight procurement strategy is of utmost importance. The challenge? The market’s high volatility and opacity. There is a clear need for real-time market data to enhance decision making in both freight management and contract rate negotiations. Transparency through Xeneta translates into better decision making, internal efficiency, and ultimately, bottom line optimization.

Don’t take it from us, take it from them. Check out the story of Nestlé and see why they chose Xeneta for global ocean freight rate benchmarking and price transparency.


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