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[LIVE WEBINAR] June 21, 2022 | Are we heading into a global recession, and what would that mean for ocean freight rates?

Are we heading into a global recession, and what would that mean for ocean freight rates?


There is growing concern that with a drop in the stock market and European demand sliding, we may be moving toward a global recession.  

Spot rates across many trade lanes have decreased massively since the start of 2022, some up to 30-45%. In contrast, long-term rates remain at record-high levels, leaving many shippers with contract rates above what they would be able to get on the spot market.

Join Peter Sand, Chief Analyst at Xeneta, and Jan Hoffmann, Head Trade Logistics Branch at UNCTAD, as they discuss what the growing geopolitical tension means for ocean freight rates in June 2022 and beyond. Get a sneak peek of the Xeneta platform for free insight on short- and long-term ocean freight market trends.



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Key Takeaways  

  • Spot rates are down 30% on many major corridors, how far will they go? 
  • See inside Xeneta for real-time data on short- and long-term rates  
  • Expert insight on schedule reliability and capacity challenges  
  • Identify potential savings opportunities and improve long-term strategies 
  • LIVE Q/A

Meet the Speakers:  

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