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How Do You Book Your Cargo?

Xeneta asks how companies and people book their ocean freight cargo.



How do you book your cargo? A simple question that usually doesn’t require much thought or maybe it’s of little concern for many shippers. Really, why should it matter?Trust us. It should matter how you book your cargo.

Email Still Reigns…for now.

We asked this question on Twitter and LinkedIn and surprisingly (or maybe not?) there was no clear, overwhelming method that folks use to book cargo. Email still seems to be the preferred method with 40% of the vote, booking platforms came in a close second place with 35% of the total vote, 15% utilized ERP systems and 10% used something else.




Efficiency and Transparency

Efficiency and transparency are the new buzz words in the shipping industry and rightfully so. Shippers should, if not already, be looking toward improving efficiencies within their supply chains including transparency, that is, the visibility of shipping items from booking to the final delivery of goods. Cost savings and competitive advantages await those that grasp these ‘buzz words’ and it starts with booking cargo.

Booking Platforms

Utilizing email for booking cargo is great if we were still doing business like its 1999. Using ERP systems are great too, but it’s 2016 and new technology is improving the way we all do business and in real-time. Booking platforms provide so many advantages for shippers including the following:

  • Up-to-date rate comparison and quote management
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Data and analytics
  • Visibility
  • Collaboration

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