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State of the Ocean Freight Market Webinar


Peak season holds uncertainty for spot rates

Do you have market intel to stay ahead of rate volatility?

As we head into peak season, everyone’s waiting to see if short-term rates spike or the market remains flat. But rolling the dice in the spot market is risky, especially on secondary trade lanes where volatility remains high. Without market intel, you may not have the agility for the disruptions to come. 

Join Xeneta experts Peter Sand and Emily Stausbøll in the July State of the Ocean Freight Market webinar to gain insight into:

  • What the data tells us on how spot rates will shift this peak season
  • The impacts of the new Panama Canal restrictions
  • Current & forecasted spot & long-term freight rates on top global trade lanes

While rate volatility on main hauls will likely remain low in H2, what about the trade lanes not on center stage? Find out in this month’s live webinar.

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Speakers for the Event


Peter Sand


Chief Anaylst

emily blue

Emily Stausbøll


Market Analyst