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On-Demand Webinar

State of the Ocean Webinar

November 2022

Outlook 2023 Ocean Freight Rates

Outlook 2023

This year, we watched as the ocean market pulled a complete 180 amidst strikes, economic turmoil and war. What have we learned, and what can we expect for 2023?

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It’s been a year of incredible change, starting with sky-high rates on the short and long term held up by a staggering amount of global congestion and ending with plummeting spot rates (with the long-term likely not far behind) as consumer demand wanes around the world. What learnings can we take with us from this year to strengthen our market position, and crucially, how can we prepare for what 2023 has in store?

Watch the State of the Ocean Freight Market 2023 Outlook webinar, where Xeneta analysts discuss: 

  • The gap between spot & long-term rates on China to U.S. West Coast
  • Which major trade lane is most profitable currently
  • Managing supplier relationships in a weak market  
  • How will high capacity (with easing congestion & new builds) impact rates?  
  • 2023 rates & trends outlook
  • & more