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On-Demand Webinar

State of the Ocean Freight Market

January 2023

Ocean Freight Webinar State of the Market

Managing your freight amidst ‘Capacity Management’ overload

The ocean freight saga continues... Low demand, low volumes, a record high in blanked sailings, and oh yeah, Chinese Lunar New Year! How will you navigate Q1 2023 and ensure your freight strategy can withstand these turbulent times? 

Container rate update, week 1-1

We begin 2023 with sluggish consumer demand and rising inflation (exciting). While port congestion has been pushed out of its top spot as the ‘biggest headache’, the idle fleet and capacity management has swooped into its place.

As the ocean freight market continues to weaken, how will you optimize your supplier relationships and ensure you’re getting the best spot or long-term deals on all your trades? 

Watch the January State of the Ocean Freight Market webinar to hear Xeneta analysts discuss: 

  • Carriers are blanking 55% of all sailings— how can shippers mitigate this? 
  • The potential impacts of Chinese New Year and related domestic travel 
  • Downward trending volumes and expected numbers in 2023 
  • Spot & long-term freight rates on top trade lanes