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On-Demand Webinar

State of the Ocean Freight Market

March 2023

State of the Ocean Freight Market Webinar

How can you optimize your supplier strategy?

Consumer demand remains low, blank sailings are increasing, and frankly, carriers are struggling with punctuality.  
Q2 is around the corner, and though you might hold the upper hand when it comes to your freight rate negotiations- is your supplier strategy optimized for a weak market? Carriers continue blanking sailings in attempts to turn things around amidst falling demand. Meanwhile, global reliability is worsening, with a 3% drop from Dec 22’ to Jan 23’.  

Is now the best time to ship large volumes? Which trade lanes should you be focusing on? How can you improve your carrier selection?

Watch the March State of the Ocean Freight Market webinar, where Xeneta analysts discuss: 

  • TPM recap- what we learned and the role it played in contract negotiations 
  • Carrier capacity management and reliability 
  • How inflation is impacting the retail industry 
  • Spot & long-term freight rates on top trade lanes