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State of the Ocean Freight Market Webinar

Special Edition | June 2023


Ocean Shipping Debate

The Truth Behind the Headlines

Fill in your information to the right and access the complete special edition of the State of the Ocean Freight Market Webinar.

We don't do this often and we promise you won’t want to miss what these industry leaders had to say.   

You'll walk away with answers to: 

  • Is there a price war or is that in the past? 
  • Unveiling the truth behind the global demand drop caused by nearshoring. 
  • Are the alliances breaking up? 
  • Insightful tips for shippers in the second half of 2023.


  • Lars Jensen, CEO and Partner, Vespucci Maritime
  • Patrik Berglund, CEO, Xeneta
  • Michael Braun, VP of Customer Success & Solutions, Xeneta