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On-Demand Webinar

State of the Air Freight Webinar

March 2023


Global airline capacity has increased- how will this impact your air freight rates?

Summer season is right around the corner for air cargo, and we can all feel the negotiation heat. After a few turbulent months, the air freight market has finally begun to stabilize.  

With airlines' summer schedules set to start in late March and the recovery of China's air capacity, everyone is eager to see how the increase in capacity will impact rates. In January 2023, air cargo capacity was only 2% below pre-pandemic levels, are the capacity levels from 2019 an indication of what we can expect in the upcoming summer season? 


With this increase in capacity, the heat will be high in upcoming contract negotiations! How can you ensure you’re not leaving money on the table?  

Watch industry experts in the March State of the Air Freight Market webinar as they discuss: 

  • What the capacity levels from 2019 tell us about the upcoming summer season 
  • The bounce back of China air capacity and how it might impact rates 
  • What to know as you head into contract negotiations 
  • Spot & long-term freight rates on top global trade lanes