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State of the Air Freight Market Webinar

On-Demand | July 2023


Global load factor dropped to 56%, how will this impact air cargo prices?


The air freight market continues to weaken with sliding spot rates, declining volumes, and increased capacityWith a slow summer season and low consumer spending, there is little hope the air market will turn around in the near future. 

With the global load factor down to just 56%, how can forwarders and shippers maintain reasonable freight rates? 

Air freight market experts Wenwen Zhang and Niall van de Wouw will dive into the latest market data to spot potential movements, disruptions, and opportunities for the second half of 2023.  

Watch Xeneta air market analysts in the July webinar as they discuss:

  • China-Europe rates—will we see an uptick?
  • How to prep for 2023’s weak peak season   
  • The downward pressure on global spot rates and forecasted trends 
  • How will the interest rate decrease in China impact rates? 
  • & more



Niall van de Wouw


Chief Air Freight Officer

wenwen blue

Wenwen Zhang


Air Freight Analyst