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Glossary Shipping Terms

Importer Security Filing (ISF) Filing Fee

ISF or Import Security Filing is a term used in shipments moving into the United States of America by an ocean going vessel.

ISF Requirements

The importer or their agent is required to electronically submit information relating to the shipment such as shipper, commodity details, package details, weight etc. This information must be submitted in advance before the cargo arrives in USA.

ISF filing responsibility

This import security filing information is usually prepared by the importer’s agent (customs isf broker or freight forwarder) and submitted to the US CBP unit.

ISF Filing Penalty

The agent submitting this information must prepare the information accurately and truthfully as any issues with the filing form could attract huge penalties and may even go to the extent of the cargo not being discharged.

The agent will charge a fee known as the ISF Filing Fee to ensure this activity is done correctly, promptly and accurately.

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