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Nouryon gains full visibility into their ocean freight tendering process

Nouryon, formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, is a multi-product and multi-divisional global chemical company whose 2013 sales were Euro 14.590 billion.

They ship a wide array of polymers, inorganic and organic chemical products from their 43 factories worldwide, with an annual container usage of 55,000+ TEU's on approx. 6,000 shipping lanes.

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The Challenge

  • Disparate container volumes across various trade lanes with zero visibility into their spend.
  • Inability to obtain on-demand and updated data needed to increase negotiation power with suppliers.


Solution | Outcome


  • 74% trade lanes with benchmarking rate data
  • Better visibility into the health of the historical and current market rates
  • Actionable target rates to drive negotiations
  • Savings potential identified during high market fluctuation period
  • Stayed on top of the market - Confirmation of good rate performance regardless of declining market