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Xeneta partners with Kelmer to bring ocean & air freight rate transparency to SME shippers in Italy

Kelmer's solution, Xeneta by Lane (XBL), will offer market transparency to Kelmer customers to create a data-driven, modern procurement strategy grounded in efficiency and fact. 


We are excited to announce a partnership with Kelmer, an International Business Consulting company that supports medium-sized logistics companies in cost productivity & service levels.

This partnership will provide ocean & air freight market transparency to mid-sized companies in the Italian market, who require a concentrated segment of Xeneta's intelligence. 

"Partnering with Kelmer empowers Italian SME businesses with relevant, actionable insight into the air and ocean markets on a port pair or airport-to-airport basis," said Thorsten Diephaus, VP of Strategic Alliances at Xeneta. 

"This new level of visibility will be revolutionary for these companies who ship small volumes on a handful of trades, and therefore couldn't previously justify the need for the entire Xeneta database."

Kelmer's solution, Xeneta by Lane (XBL), will utilize Xeneta's data to show Kelmer customers the market developments and rates on the trade lanes they've specified. This market transparency will allow them to optimize their rates, which is increasingly important as we head into a global recession, and create a data-driven, modern procurement strategy grounded in efficiency and fact. 

We believe factual market intelligence should be the basis for any decision made when procuring ocean and air rates for short- or long-term contracts, regardless of company size. 

Due to the volatile nature of these markets, rates change quickly (particularly as carriers blank sailings, demand continues to decline, etc.). With XBL, SME shippers will be able to balance rates with reliable service levels.

Take advantage of the fastest-growing ocean & air freight data ecosystem.

With the Xeneta Partner Network, you'll have direct access to one of the most thrilling movements in shipping and supply chain tech. Together, we can provide stronger offerings for both our customer bases and co-create larger business opportunities. We look forward to helping you succeed. To learn more about Xeneta, get in touch today!

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