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UPS: The Changing Face of Global Supply Chains Post Covid-19

Katherine Barrios
Jun 15, 2020

Most countries are moving out of lockdown and in many places life is returning to somewhat normal. There is no doubt that everyday and business life, as we know it, is forever altered. We sat down with Philippe Gilbert, President, UPS Supply Chain Solutions to discuss what global supply chains will look like post Covid-19. 

As one of the global freight forwarding leaders, UPS knows a thing or two about moving cargo on ocean and air. They know firsthand how the supply chains of large global shippers have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Demand has changed and thus we must expect for new supply chain trends to burst out. 

1. Organizations will need to balance bottom line growth with cash

2. Supply Chain strategies will need to prioritize both supply chain efficiency

3. Focus on automation and talent management to stabilize productivity and operate digitally.


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