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2 min read  | Events

Meet Xeneta at transport logistic 2021 Online

Courtney Sherwin  | May 4, 2021

Transport logistic, the largest European logistics and supply chain trade show, starts today (May 4-6) online and it is FREE!  Join Xeneta on Thursday, May 6, for a 1-hour breakfast session as our experts dive into how Xeneta data has helped SCM and logistics professionals manage the COVID-19 storm. 


Grab your coffee and start your day with our industry experts discussing the current happenings of the ocean and air market. Register for free here

COVID-19 has caused havoc to an already-in-flux ocean and air freight market. The uncertainty and rate volatility still withstanding has left logistics and supply chain professionals scrambling for market visibility and actionable data more than ever before. As the storm of COVID-19 continues to hang over the shipping market, shippers must plan for increased budgets and high unreliability, maybe even into 2022.

Join our industry expert panel, Pia Schümann-Hoppe (Customer Success Manager), Michael Braun (VP of Customer Solutions), and Thorsten Diephaus (Director of Strategic Accounts), as they discuss the current state of the ocean and air freight market. They’ll dive into concrete examples of how Xeneta’s real-time ocean and air freight rate data has helped logistics and procurement professionals navigate the current turbulences and plan their procurement strategy accordingly. You will walk away with tips and insights into what should be top of mind for you as you steer the current ocean and air freight market conditions.

Register for the event HERE.

Save the Xeneta Live Discussion in your calendar HERE.

Grab your morning beverage and see you bright and early on May 6th!


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