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McKinsey & Company: Reflections on Reset for Growth Beyond Coronavirus

Anca Cioaca
Sep 17, 2020

The world has grown more interconnected: when disaster strikes in one region, flows of goods, finance, people, and data quickly transmit ripple effects far and wide. The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how fragile lengthy, complex supply chains can be—and how much society has been riding on their continued smooth functioning.  


We sat down with Dr. Ludwig Hausmann, Partner at McKinsey & Company to discuss the upcoming tendering season which announces to be very challenging across all modes of transportation. 

Given that the world is undergoing its second “once-in-a-generation” disruption in 12 years, a reappraisal is in order. Things to consider:

1. Supply chains resilience versus cost-efficiency
2. The importance of setting expectations with internal and external stakeholders
3. Betting on long term commitments by securing capacity for crucial lanes to keep your supply chain going


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