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3 min read

Introducing Xeneta Help Center

Nathan Hope  | September 6, 2017


At Xeneta, we are continually looking for ways to provide the greatest amount of value to our customers with our products . As our company continues to grow, so does the level of detail in our product and the information it provides to our customers. With this in mind, it became clear that we need to focus more on two key elements of our service

  1. Explanations of the product’s features and “How-to” resources for common tasks
  2. A readily-available method for contacting our support staff from within the application itself

After spending some time reviewing and testing different approaches to providing these services, I believe that we have adopted one that will serve our customers as efficiently as possible.

Help Icon

Firstly, the introduction of the help icon within the app. This icon provides quick access to our help center articles, as well as a method to contact a member of our support team without ever needing to leave the application.


The process for self-service has been designed with these steps in mind:

  1. Click help icon > several topics are automatically suggested based on what you’re currently seeing in the application.
  2. If none of the suggested topics are relevant to your question, begin typing your question in the search field and press the Enter key to view the results.
  3. Click on the article relevant to your search. At the bottom of each article, View original article appears and can be clicked to view the full-screen version of the article in the help center.
  4. If none of the results are relevant to your search, click the Contact us button to send a request to one of our support representatives who would be happy to respond to any unanswered questions you may have.


Help Center

In addition to the help icon that appears within the app, we have also created a central help center (found here) where all our help content can be accessed. Four main categories currently appear on the support center home page:

  • Product Education – Contains in-depth information on Xeneta’s core features and usage
  • Frequently Asked Questions – A FAQ section containing steps to perform common tasks within Xeneta
  • General – Contains miscellaneous information related to methodology, terminology, and other useful knowledge.
  • Product Education (BETA) – Contains in-depth information on Xeneta’s current products in BETA testing phase.

Just like the help icon, help requests to our support team can be sent from the help center as well by clicking the Submit a Request button at the upper-right area of the screen. Your support requests will be sent directly to our support team and then promptly forwarded to the team member most suitable for quickly resolving your issue.

Additionally, we would like to note that while we have upgraded to a more modern customer support system, our customers will continue to receive the same personal level of support that they have become accustomed to with Xeneta.

Looking Forward

As more users interact with our help center, it will continually become optimized based on customers’ needs. The amount of content will continue to grow and article suggestions will become more intelligent as usage increases.

In addition to the help content featured in the help center, we are also planning to add an additional “community” feature in the future. Our hope is to provide a platform where customers can discuss industry-related topics and trends with us, as well as with each other- providing a central location for knowledge-sharing and continually raising the overall value of the services provided to our customers.

We are excited about the opportunity to widen the flow of information between our customers and us. We understand that customer feedback is crucial to maintaining a high-quality service and we are looking forward to increased interaction with our customers. As this help center is in its first iteration, any customer feedback regarding the content provided is also highly encouraged.

I am, personally, very excited to be a part of this mechanism of transparency that Xeneta has managed to bring to the industry. I believe the exchange of information will continue to increase between Xeneta and our customers as the industry evolves, and look forward to continually improving the platform that allows us to do so.

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