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2 min read  | Transportation Insights

What's Happening with Oil Prices Today | Mar 30, 2020

Katherine Barrios  | Mar 30, 2020 6:59:00 PM



Adrian Tolson, Director and Lead, BLUE Insight

With over 30 years’ experience, Adrian Tolson has detailed knowledge and insight of the marine energy supply chain, the changing dynamics of the maritime fuel and propulsion sector, and bunkering infrastructure. As well as providing commercial advisory and consulting services in the development of fuel purchasing and supply strategies, he is an established and well-known industry commentator on the future fuels sector, in particular on the impact of the 2020 global sulfur cap, and its impending convergence with shipping’s decarbonization challenge.
His experience spans leadership roles with some of the industry’s largest marine fuel suppliers, including Chemoil Energy where he was responsible for successfully driving the company through to IPO, and as Vice President and General Manager, he established OW Bunker’s physical supply operation in the US. He founded 20|20 Marine Energy in 2015.
Patrik Berglund, CEO, Xeneta 
  • [1:10] What is happening with the oil prices today?
  • [6:39] The economics of scrubber investment
  • [9:21] IMO 2020 compliance in the age of COVID-19: Survival of the shipping companies vs environmental responsibility 
  • [11:07] Low fuel cost = low transportation rates?
  • [14:42] Outlook for carriers

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