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Katherine Barrios, Chief Customer Officer | Xeneta

Day 1


Xeneta Keynote

Patrik Berglund, CEO | Xeneta

Day 1


Product Spotlight: Xeneta 360

Sarah Oliver, VP of Product | Xeneta

Day 1


Conversation on Resilience: Shipping Success Through Microadventures

Alastair Humphreys | Adventurer, Author, Motivational Speaker

A The session will delve into Alastair’s pioneering concept of “microadventures,” which encourages people to explore the world around them, step out of their comfort zones and discover new horizons, all without having to travel to the farthest corners of the Earth. Alastair’s speech will draw parallels between the world of shipping, the demand for resilience, and the spirit of adventure.

Day 1


Hapag-Lloyd Keynote: Navigating an Ever-Evolving Shipping Industry

Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO | Hapag-Lloyd

In his keynote presentation, Rolf Habben Jansen, CEO of Hapag-Lloyd, will explore the dynamic landscape and volatility of the liner shipping industry – from its transformative journey since 2000 to the unprecedented industry consolidation and more recent pandemic-related challenges. Learn about Hapag-Lloyd's strategies to ensure its competitiveness in a more challenging market environment as well as the carrier's decarbonization efforts to achieve climate neutrality by 2045.

Day 1


Ocean Network Express Fireside Chat: Fostering Win-Win Shipper-Carrier Partnerships

Stanley Smulders, Director Marketing & Commercial | Ocean Network Express, Patrik Berglund, CEO | Xeneta

In this session, Patrik and Stanley will discuss Ocean Network Express's perspective on the current state and future of the industry.

Day 1

Fireside chat

Air France KLM Keynote: Initiatives in Digitalization, Sustainability, and the Strategy Behind Partnering with CMA CGM

Adriaan den Heijer, Executive Vice President | Air France KLM Martinair Cargo

Join this session to hear Adriaan den Heijer’s perspective on current air freight market conditions, where it’s heading, and thoughts on the future of the industry.

Day 1


The Challenges and Opportunities of Shippers in a Consistently Disruptive Environment

Michael Braun, VP Customer Success | Xeneta, Julia Myroshnychenko, Global Category Team Lead Logistics | Henkel, Marco Eipper, Director Cloud Logistics | Microsoft

2023 has seen a much lighter push and pull between shippers/ forwarders and carriers. After carriers failed to strengthen the market in the first half, were shippers lulled into a false sense of security that the low market would remain long-term? Are we repeating old patterns of letting the handshake dominate the data? Hear from our panelists how they navigated this year’s market conditions, as well as their thoughts on where we’re headed as an industry and how they’re preparing for that future.

Day 1


The Supply Chains Crystal Ball: 2024 Projections

Peter Sand, Chief Analysts | Xeneta; Jan Tiedemann, Shipping Analyst | Alphaliner; Nigel Pusey, CEO | Container Trades Statistics Ltd and Non-Executive Director, Maritime and Coastguard Agency; Daniel Richards, Associate Director | Maritime Strategies International

With a combined lifetime of experience between them, our panelists know "a little" about supply chains' history and don't shy away from making predictions about its future. The session aims to discuss what's working and what's not and bring you data-backed analysis and expert opinions.

Day 1

Panel Discussion

The container market profit boom has burst: what are the potential changes and risks ahead for the markets?

Neil Dekker, Senior Analyst | Infospectrum and Peter Sand, Chief Analyst | Xeneta

The recent record and extended container upcycle made global headlines, but the downturn is now well entrenched and signs of a much more uncertain container climate are coming to the fore. What potential risks lie ahead for shippers and the wider market if liner profits move firmly into the black?

Day 1

Plenary Session

Is geopolitics driving supply chain costs?

Erik Devetak, Chief Data Officer | Xeneta

Explore how geopolitics affect ocean and air freight rates, uncovering the intricate connection between political tensions, trade disputes, sanctions, alliances, and their supply chain cost and timeline implications.

Day 1

Plenary Session

A Case for Index-Based Contracting

Michael Barsøe Friis, Global Category Manager, Transportation, Danfoss, Deepak Saxena, Executive Director - Global Ocean | Kerry Logistics Network Limited, Patrik Berglund, CEO | Xeneta

In this session, we will discuss whether index-based contracting can work for long-term contracts, the long-term advantages and whether most players are open to this shift now.

Day 2


The 2024 Ocean Freight Outlook: Key Insights, Projections, and Strategies for Success

Michael Braun, VP of Customer Success & Solutions | Xeneta

Gain key insights, projections, and strategies to ensure success in the dynamic ocean freight industry. Explore emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and shifting market dynamics that will shape the landscape. Discover actionable strategies to optimize operations, enhance supply chain resilience, mitigate risks, and leverage opportunities for sustainable growth in the year ahead.

Day 2

Plenary Session | Ocean Freight Specialized Track

Driving Efficiency: How to streamline processes with API and Tender Benchmark

Thorsten Diephaus, VP Strategic Alliances | Xeneta

Discover practical strategies and best practices to optimize your business processes and enhance your team's productivity. This session will also highlight how our innovative solutions, API and Tender Benchmark tool, can be seamlessly integrated into your operations to achieve new levels of efficiency, automation, and process optimization.

Day 2

Plenary Session | Ocean Freight Specialized Track

Carrier Spread: How to Drive Informed Carrier Selections and Improve Negotiations

Sarah Oliver, VP Product | Xeneta, Emily Stausbøll, Market Analyst | Xeneta

How can data drive your carrier selection strategy? In this session, we'll explore the expansion of coverage and how this impacts you. Discover how to effectively leverage Carrier Spread to improve carrier selection, strengthen negotiations, and anticipate pricing trends.

Day 2

Plenary Session | Ocean Freight Specialized Track

2024 Air Freight Outlook

Niall van de Wouw, Chief Airfreight Officer and Wenwen Zhang, Shipping Analyst | Xeneta

Let the data speak for itself in this dynamic look at the air freight market — both what we've seen in 2023 and projections for 2024. Air freight experts will review key metrics, including capacity, imports and volumes, load factors and rates, and what the current trends of these means for the year ahead for shippers, freight forwarders, and airlines.

Day 2

Plenary Session | Air Freight Specialized Track

Recent and Upcoming Developments in Xeneta Air

Niall van de Wouw, Chief Airfreight Officer | Xeneta

Listen as our Chief Airfreight Officer presents the evolution and future of your Xeneta Air Hub, including new features that will allow all players to strengthen their positions in 2024.

Day 2

Plenary Session | Air Freight Specialized Track

Future Proofing in the Volatile Air Freight Market — Vertical Integrations, Digitalization, Sustainability and their Impacts on All Parties

Niall Van de Wouw, Chief Airfreight Officer | Xeneta, Robert Van de Weg, Chief Commercial Officer | ECS Group, Conor Brannigan, Chief Executive Officer | Magma Aviation, Liesbeth Oudkerk, SVP Cargo Sales & Network Planning | Qatar Airways, Peter Penseel, Chief Operating Officer Airfreight | CEVA Logistics

New and traditional airlines come together with a global freight forwarder to reflect on the last year, challenges from the market shift, and provide a look forward to 2024. How can airline and forwarder integrations be executed so that all parties benefit? A panel session moderated by Xeneta Chief Airfreight Officer Niall Van de Wouw and a Q&A with the audience.

Day 2

Panel | Air Freight Specialized Track

Freight in Flux: What Drives Shippers to Jump Between Ocean and Air Freight

Greg Knowler, Europe Editor | S&P Global Market Intelligence; Mario Van den Bussche, Logistics Purchasing - Segment Owner - Sea Container and Contract Logistics | Volvo; Christian Tengs, Country Manager DE + PL & Senior Manager Airfreight (Europe) | FedEx Trade Networks; Anders Oldenborg Kristensen, Director, Product Sea Freight | DSV - Global Transport and Logistics

Our panelists will explore the multifaceted motivations driving shippers to switch between ocean and air freight. Considering factors such as time sensitivity, cost considerations, value of goods, supply chain disruptions, and customer demands. Understand the risks, benefits, and consequences associated with these decisions, and gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals on how to strike the right balance between efficiency, risk mitigation, and customer satisfaction in your freight operations.

Day 2

Panel | Shipper Specialized Track

Ocean Strategy Optimization: How to Mitigate Risks and Maximize Opportunities

Emily Stausbøll, Market Analyst | Xeneta, Peter Sand, Chief Analyst | Xeneta

How can ocean freight stakeholders effectively adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics? Utilizing data, you can strengthen your ocean strategy and freight allocation. In this session, we'll discuss leveraging Xeneta for informed decisions, including carrier selection and spot vs. long-term contracts. Gain knowledge to track the market and identify opportunities and trends that boost profitability while managing risk.

Day 2

Panel | Shipper Specialized Track

Customer Retention/Relations: How to Differentiate Yourself and Add Value to Drive Customer Retention

Paul Mullins | Xeneta, Susan Myers | Fedex, Anne-Sophie Fribourg | Zencargo, Mario Cavallucci | AIT Worldwide Logistics, Mads Drejer | Scan Global Logistics.

Customer retention is on everyone's mind — with the fluctuating nature of the freight market, how can you create added value to position yourself as more than just a rate? In this session, our panelists will explore what it truly takes to ingrain yourself in your customers' processes and become an invaluable asset to their procurement.

Day 2

Plenary Session | Logistics Service Provider Specialized Track

Tendering in 2024: Best Practices & a Xeneta Sneak Peek

Fernando Pazmino | Xeneta, Scott Irvine | Xeneta

Tenders are officially back — time for you to take advantage. With the huge amount of RFQs coming in and the ever-changing state of the market, how can you work smarter, not harder, while maintaining a competitive edge? Join Xeneta experts as they discuss how to succeed in tenders in 2024 and beyond.

Day 2

Panel | Logistics Service Provider Specialized Track

Day 2

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Featured Speakers

Rolf Habben Jansen blue

Rolf Habben Jansen

CEO | Hapag-Lloyd AG


Adriaan den Heijer

Executive Vice President | Air France KLM Martinair Cargo

stanley smulders blue

Stanley Smulders

Director Marketing & Commercial | Ocean Network Express


Neil Dekker

Senior Analyst | Infospectrum


Patrik Berglund

CEO and Co-Founder | Xeneta

Greg Knowler

Editor | S&P Global Market Intelligence

mario van den bussche blue

Mario Van den Bussche

Logistics Purchasing - Segment Owner - Sea Container and Contract Logistics | Volvo Group

Julia Myroshnychenko

Julia Myroshnychenko

Global Category Team Lead Logistics | Henkel

Anders Oldenborg Kristensen blue

Anders Oldenborg Kristensen

Director, Product Sea Freight | DSV - Global Transport and Logistics

Christian Tengs blue

Christian Tengs

Country Manager DE + PL & Senior Manager Airfreight (Europe) | FedEx Trade Networks

Robert Van de Weg

Robert Van de Weg

Chief Commercial Officer | ECS Group

Jan Tiedemann

Senior Analyst, Liner Shipping and Ports | Alphaliner


Nigel Pusey

CEO, Container Trades Statistics & Non-Executive Director | Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Susan R Green

Susan Myers

Regional Ocean Product Manager | US FedEx Logistics


Daniel Richards

Associate Director | Maritime Strategies International

Michael Friis

Michael Barsøe Friis

Global Category Manager, Transportation | Danfoss

Mario Cavallucci

Mario Cavallucci

Vice President Europe | AIT Worldwide Logistics

Conor Brannigan

Conor Brannigan

Chief Executive Officer | Magma Aviation

Liesbeth Oudkerk

Liesbeth Oudkerk

SVP Cargo Sales & Network Planning | Qatar Airways

Mads Drejer

Mads Drejer

Global COO/CCO | Scan Global Logistics

Marco Eipper

Marco Eipper

Director Cloud Logistics | Microsoft

Deepak Saxena

Deepak Saxena

Executive Director - Global IFF, Ocean, Global HQ | Kerry Logistics

Peter Penseel

Peter Penseel

Chief Operating Officer, Airfreight | CEVA Logistics

Thorsten Diephaus

Thorsten Diephaus

VP Strategic Alliance | Xeneta

Anne-Sophie Fribourg

Anne-Sophie Fribourg

Vice President Global Ocean Freight | Zencargo


Peter Sand

Chief Analyst | Xeneta

Paul Mullins

Paul Mullins

SVP, Logistics Service Providers | Xeneta


Sarah Oliver

VP of Product | Xeneta

Michael blue new

Michael Braun

VP of Customer Success & Solutions | Xeneta


Niall van de Wouw

Chief Airfreight Officer | Xeneta

emily blue

Emily Stausbøll

Market Analyst | Xeneta


Erik Devetak

Chief Data Officer | Xeneta

Scott Irvine[88]

Scott Irvine

Vice President of Logistics Service Providers | Xeneta

wenwen blue

Wenwen Zhang

Shipping Analyst | Xeneta


Fernando Pazmino

Director Global Customer Success LSP | Xeneta


Alastair Humphreys

Author and Keynote Speaker

kathy blue

Katherine Barrios

CMO | Xeneta

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