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Xeneta Summit 2022

Speakers & Agenda


Our keynote speakers, experienced practitioners and Xeneta experts will inspire and empower you.

DAY 1 | Nov 9, 2022

Voice of the Industry

09:00 am - 10:00 am CET

  • Registration & Breakfast

10:00 am - 6:00 pm CET

  • Keynote Presentations & Panel Discussions
  • Xeneta Expert Help Desks

Venue: Ehemaliges Hauptzollamt | Alter Wandrahm 19-20, 20457 Hamburg

7:30 pm - 11:00 pm CET

  • Xeneta Customer Appreciation Dinner

Venue: Penthouse Elb-Panorama, Emporio, Dammtorwall 15, 20355 Hamburg


DAY 2 | Nov 10, 2022

Xeneta in Action

9:00 am - 10:30 am CET

  • Panel Discussions
  • Xeneta Expert Help Desks

10:30 am - 1:00 pm CET

  • Shipper/BCO Specialized Track
  • Logistics Service Provider Specialized Track
  • Xeneta Partner Workshop
  • Xeneta Expert Help Desks

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm CET

  • Lunch
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Xeneta Expert Help Desks

Venue: Ehemaliges Hauptzollamt | Alter Wandrahm 19-20, 20457 Hamburg

Featured Speakers

Johan Sigsgaard Maersk - TINT

Johan Sigsgaard

Global Head of Ocean Products - Senior Vice President | A.P. Moller - Maersk

paolo galli electrolux tint

Paolo Galli

VP Group Logistics Operations | Electrolux

kai miller kuehne + nagel - TINT

Kai Miller

Strategic Pricing Models | Kuehne + Nagel

benjamin weber mckinsey - TINT

Benjamin Weber

Associate Partner | McKinsey & Company

Daniel Maffei - TINT

Daniel B. Maffei

Chairman | Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)



Daria Krivonos

CEO | Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies


Johann Koss - TINT

Johann Koss

4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & Social Entrepreneur


patrik berglung xeneta - TINT

Patrik Berglund

Co-Founder & CEO | Xeneta


erik devetak xeneta - TINT

Erik Devetak

CPO | Xeneta



Full Agenda

Explore the detailed programme. *Subject to changes.

Featured Sessions

How Data is Driving Multi-Million Dollar Profits in Shipping

Speakers: Erik Devetak, CPO, Xeneta

Why is congestion in the port of Los Angeles a headache for African importers? How does a Covid lockdown in Shanghai impact the entire Transatlantic market? With access to more/better data, the shipping industry has implemented a globalized revenue optimization model. We will analyze the effects this data-driven decision-making has had at a global and local level.

Day 1


Decarbonization in Container Shipping: What Needs to be Done?

Speaker: Benjamin Weber, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

Moderator: Daria Krivonos, CEO, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Panelists: Johan Sigsgaard, Global Head of Ocean Products - Senior Vice President, A.P. Moller - Maersk, Paolo Galli, VP Group Logistics Operations, Electrolux, Kai Miller, Strategic Pricing Models, Kuehne + Nagel

Shipping is one of the hardest sectors to incorporate sustainability—large asset and infrastructure investments are required, while technology development and future fuels availability are uncertain. Carriers are innovating ways to comply with CO2 regulations—offering greener products and solutions to their customers—but remain reluctant to fully commit.

Shippers, however, are increasingly committed to reducing their scope and willing to pay premiums for greener transport but require offerings to do so, including transparency and assurance on carbon reduction.

What does it take to break the cycle of waiting for the other to move and how can we accelerate decarbonization and sustainability?

In this panel session, we will dive into the recent report by McKinsey & Company and the World Economic Forum, “Driving decarbonization: Accelerating zero-emission freight transport”. Our panelists will discuss current challenges and what each party must commit to make green shipping a reality.

Day 1

Panel Discussion

Invisible No More – Container Shipping has the Attention of US Congress and President

Speaker: Daniel B. Maffei, Chairman, Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

Day 1



Speaker: Johan Sigsgaard, Global Head of Ocean Products - Senior Vice President, A.P. Moller - Maersk

Day 1


From Challenges to Gold; How to Lead Yourself to Success

Speaker: Johann Koss, 4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & Social Entrepreneur

Johann has won four gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Speedskating, with three during his home Olympics in Lillehammer 1994. While most doubted his ability, he not only competed successfully, but won three distances and broke three world records. Later in life, he poured his passion into building the largest Sport for Development organization in the world—challenging the UN and international sport organizations to do more for the world’s most vulnerable children. Hear how Johann turned resistance and challenges into resilience and success.

Day 1


Injecting Sustainability into the Buying & Selling of Freight

Speaker: Sarah Oliver, VP Product, Xeneta

Between 1990 and 2019, annual CO2 emissions from the transportation sector increased by nearly 80 percent. Shippers have had to weave sustainability into the key pillars of their business, particularly as strict regulations are enforced and consumers prioritize greener brands. How can the right data support sustainable transport decisions? Introducing the Carbon Emissions Index—a first-of-its-kind, 100% neutral data source that reveals the carbon emissions of carriers.

Day 1


How Digitalization Can Lead Ocean & Air Shipping Through Uncertain Times

Speakers: Daria Krivonos, CEO, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Day 1


After the Shipping Boom, Now the Doom? How can we Deal with the Challenges Ahead?

Presenters: Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor, JOC, S&P Global Market Intelligence, Peter Sand, Chief Analyst, Xeneta

Day 1

Panel Discussion

Freight 2030: The Relationship Between Ocean Carriers and Shippers

Moderator: Patrik Berglund, CEO, Xeneta

Panelists: Helge Remmers, Sourcing Manager Air&Ocean, Covestro, Marlene Avellan, Global Category Manager Supply Chain Logistics, Philip Morris International, Martijn Smeets, Regional Air Pricing Manager Europe, CEVA Logistics, Alan Murphy, CEO & Partner, Sea-Intelligence

While Ocean Carriers invest their billions in vertical integrations and air freight, Shippers are forced to adopt higher costs and lower service levels. Freight forwarders sit somewhere between the two — offering all modes with new opportunities for differentiation. In the end, who will come out on top and why? As the market moves and rates begin to fall, the question is whether this working dynamic will shift as well. So, we ask: What will the future of freight providers look like, and what service offering will shippers need to buy to succeed?

Day 2

Panel Discussion

2023 Ocean Freight Outlook - What Has Changed for Shippers?

Speaker: Michael Braun, VP, Customer Solutions, Xeneta

In this session, we review the past ocean freight tender season and analyze the strategies and impacts of various industries—what worked efficiently and best practices from your peers.

Day 2

Plenary Session

Approaching Cost and Price Adjustments Fairly in the Future

Speakers: Michael Braun, VP, Customer Solutions, Xeneta, Emily Stausbøll, Market Analyst, Xeneta, Wenwen Zhang, Air Freight Shipping Analyst, Xeneta

Some shippers have signed long-term contracts with index-based adjustments from carriers; some follow emergency and dead freight surcharges; others look to bunker price adjustments based on pre-pandemic formulas. What work must shippers do, and what questions need to be asked before the upcoming tender season?

Day 2

Plenary Session

Predicting Air Freight Market Trends for 2023 & Beyond

Speakers: Wenwen Zhang, Air Freight Shipping Analyst, Xeneta, Niall van de Wouw, Chief Air Freight Officer, Xeneta

2022 saw many disruptive events that impacted global freight markets. Our Airfreight Analyst, Wenwen Zhang, digs into the data to reveal the market trends that you felt the most, the opportunities you should be looking for when utilizing data, and how this insight can be used to improve long-term strategies.

Day 2

Plenary Session

The Journey Towards Data-Driven Logistics

Moderator: Fernando Pazmino, Principal Customer Success, Xeneta

Panelists: Christian Sorensen, Managing Director EMEA, Winmore, Marc Moss, GM Global Head Business Development.,Nippon Express, Harm Wessels, Managing Director, Magaya

The trend toward digitization has been longstanding in the shipping industry. In an ever-changing environment rife with power shifts and market volatility, the entire freight forwarding business model is threatened. One Xeneta customer shares their experience in using real-time freight data to level the playing field.

Day 2

Plenary Session

The Future of Freight Forwarding Amidst the Green Agenda

Speaker: Peter Sand, Chief Analyst, Xeneta, Richard Fattal, Co-Founder, Zencargo

What are the major factors affecting the future of freight forwarding, including the so-called "green agenda"? As customers look for more than just price advantages, how do companies balance macroeconomic disruptions, service levels and margins—all while promoting sustainable solutions in line with their clients' strategies?

Day 2

Plenary Session

How to Simultaneously Maintain Your Margins and Grow your Customer Base

Speakers: Scott Irvine, Vice President of Freight Forwarding Development, Xeneta, Stanley Aïzenstark, VP XSI-C, Indices & Markets, Xeneta

Nothing in this market is constant—freight forwarders have grown accustomed to evolving and contorting to meet customer expectations and protect margins. Hear from experts on how to do just that (plus bring in new business) by utilizing the right data.

Day 2

Plenary Session

More sessions coming soon. Stay tuned!

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