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The Journal of Commerce 8/26/2020
JOC Uncharted: Shippers should plan for rising Asia-Europe contract rates

The Wall Street Journal 8/25/2020
Covid Crisis Drives Historic Drop in Global Trade

Medium 08/03/2020
Solid ships, captains & crews excel in stormy seas 

Supply Chain Dive 07/31/2020
Liners wary as rates come under pressure with tonnage being reintroduced fast

Marine Insight 07/30/2020 
Industry Maintains "Delicate Balancing Act" As Long-Term Ocean Freight Rates Hold Steady 

The Maritime Executive 07/30/2020
Ocean Freight Rates Remain Steady as Carriers Balance Xeneta Reports 

PRLog 06/22/2020 
10 Leading CEOs and Leaders on Surviving Today & Thriving Post COVID-19 

Medium 06/02/2020 
Launching Alliance Venture Delta

ShipInsight 05/29/2020 
Analyst sees freight rates steady but uncertain

Finansavisen 05/28/2020 
Xeneta og Patrik Berglund om containermarkedet: - Relativt stabilt, tross coronakrise 

Marine Insight 05/28/2020 
Continued Global Uncertainty Hits Rates, But Worst Fears Yet to be Realized - Report 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 05/27/2020
Container Shipping: Massive Blanking of Sailings Has Supported Freight Rates as Demand Collapses 

Open PR 05/12/2020
Supply Chain Analytics Market to Witness Growth Acceleration during 2019-2025 - Oracle, Tableau, Kinaxis 

The Loadstar 05/11/2020
News/Capacity control keeps ocean freight rates steady, but container rollovers increase

Mfame 05/06/2020
Track Sport Rates To Take Advantage of COVID-19 Demand-Supply

The Business Times 05/05/2020 
Cautious optimism on container shipping 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 05/04/2020
Why should I pay any attention to spot container freight rates?

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 04/29/2020
Let's face it: The world as we know it has ended 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 04/29/2020
Xeneta container rates alert: proactive strategies from carriers help ocean freight rates stand strong in face of Coronavirus

Lloyd's Loading List 04/29/2020
Ocean freight long-term contract rates remain stable 

PortNews 04/29/2020 
Xeneta container rates alert: proactive strategies from carriers help ocean freight rates stand strong in face of Coronavirus

Open PR 04/28/2020
Supply Chain Analytics Market Overview and Future Scope 2020

PortNews 04/09/2020
Xeneta container rates alert: long-term contracted rates hold despite coronavirus chaos

Mfame 03/17/2020
End of Long-term Freight Contracts Nearing As COVID-19 Effect Soars?

Lloyd's Loading List 03/11/2020
New ex-China blank sailings 'tapering off'

Mfame 03/10/2020 
Shipping Companies Gauge the Dissenting Impact of Coronavirus 

Compliance Week 03/05/2020
Can force majeure save your company from the coronavirus? 

Financial Times 03/04/2020
Coronavirus brings global shipping to brink of paralysis 

Finansavisen 03/03/2020 
Dette viser fremtiden: Patrik Berglund i Xeneta har laget krystallkule for global containertrafikk

DC Velocity 02/27/2020
Container shipping sector stung by coronavirus, but recovery is likely 

Portnews 02/27/2020 
Xeneta container rates alert: long-term contracted rates hold despite Coronavirus chaos 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 02/25/2020 
What can Forwarders learn from Airbnb?

Finansavisen 02/23/2020 
Verdsetter startup-vidunder til 510 millioner

InsuranceNewsNet 02/17/2020
Economic Fallout From Virus Mounts 

PortCalls 02/15/2020 
COVID - 19 spurs air cargo glut, higher rates

The Daily Republic 02/13/2020 
Economic fallout from China's coronavirus mounts across the globe 

The Washington Post 02/13/2020 
Economic fallout from China's coronavirus mounts across the globe

Mfame 02/11/2020
Small Rate Increase Not Enough for Carriers To Recover 2020 Costs! 

Lloyd's Loading List 02/07/2020 
Coronavirus: Supply chain choke points already visible 

Lloyd's Loading List 02/06/2020
Coronavirus supply chain contagion spreads chaos 

Riviera Maritime Media Ltd, 02/05/2020
Concerns over carrier ability to recover IMO 2020 costs 

Shippingazette.com 02/03/2020
Box rates up, but concerns still there to recoup costs of IMO 2020

Seatrade Maritime 01/31/2020 
Larger containerships can look to bullish charter market 

PortNews 01/30/2020 
CONTAINER RATES ALERT: Slight increase in rates, but concerns remain over recouping cost of IMO sulphur compliance

Supply Chain Dive 01/27/2020 
How to factor IMO 2020 into upcoming ocean freight contract negotiations 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 01/27/2020
How to Survive Ocean Freight RFP Season

Global Maritime Hub 01/08/2020
Container Rates Index Report 

PortCalls 01/08/2020 
Survey highlights industry uncertainty over IMO 2020

Mfame 01/02/2020
What Determines the Freight Rates for Containerships in 2020?

DC Velocity 12/30/2019
Container ship operators hope for higher freight rates in 202

Lloyd's Loading List 12/24/2019
2019 ends on a high for leading box carriers 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 12/23/2019
Xeneta: Year ends on a high for carriers, but lack of sulphur surcharge transparency raises market concerns

Maritime Professional 12/23/2019
Xeneta's Year Ends High, Concerns Remai

PortNews 12/23/2019 
Xeneta container rates alert: year ends on a high for carriers, but lack of sulphur surcharge transparency raises market concerns

Vessel Performance Optimisation 12/23/2019
Lack of sulphur surcharge transparency raises market concerns, says Xeneta CEO 

CNBC 23/2019
'It's a complete mess': Energy market in flux ahead of a global shipping revolution, analysts warn 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 12/15/2019 
IMO2020: Scrubbers vs. LSFO 

Riviera Maritime Media Ltd 12/11/2019
Mega box ship orders ramp up

Barchart.com 12/06/2019 
High stakes for container lines as 2020 contracts are finalized 

Barchart.com 12/05/2019 
Xeneta, Tariff Turmoil, General Average, and more on this week's Port Report 

Splash 247 12/04/2019 
Liners hedge their bets 

Global Maritime Hub 12/04/2019 
Shipping Index Report - November 

Shippingazette.com 12/02/2019
Container contract rate decline appears to have ended: Xeneta data

Maritime Global News 11/29/2019
Container Contract Rates Rise in November 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 11/28/2019
Xeneta container rates alert: smiles return for liners with rare month of positive development across key trades

Lloyd's Loading List 11/28/2019
Ocean freight contract rates rise in November 

Portnews 11/28/2019 
Liners can breathe a sigh of relief as global rates show positive development across key trades, Xeneta report shows 

BusinessDay 11/26/2019
IMO 2020 deadline is close - Why Nigeria, OPEC should worry 

Mfame 11/25/2019
Alliances Becoming Obsolete As Carrier VS Cargo Ratio Gets Imbalanced 

The Loadstar 11/22/2019
Transpacific spot rate slump continues amid global trade uncertainty

Global Trade Magazine 11/21/2019 
How to Take the Risk Out of International Container Logistics

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 11/17/2019
Big Data, Big Promises, Big Solutions 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 11/13/2019
Imbalanced Supply & Demand: Are Alliances Obsolete? 

Mfame 11/13/2019
Container Industry To Be The Biggest Losers As 2020 Hits, Says Analyst

MundoMaritimo 11/08/2019
Alianzas navieras versus el incremento excesivo del tamaño de los portacontenedores

Lloyd's Loading List 11/05/2019
Asia-Europe box rates rise 30%

FreightWeek 11/05/2019
Downward rate trend continues 

MarineLink 11/02/2019
Xeneta Expects Further Disruption in Container Rates 

Air Cargo World 11/01/2019 
A starting point for selecting a digital air freight platform 

Morningstar 10/31/2019
Today's Pickup: Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot's PSA Merge; Now World's Fourth-Largest Carmaker

CNBC 10/30/2019
A global shipping revolution is weeks away - Here are the likely winners and losers 

Benzinga 10/25/2019 
Lines Firing Blanks Ahead of Asia-Europe Contracting Season 

Morningstar 10/24/2019 
Market to Decide Shipper Bill for IMO 2020 

Supply Chain Dive 10/21/2019
An unceirtain economy muddies the waters for IMO 2020 planning 

True Viral News 10/08/2019
Why US-China trade war risks hurting firms in both countries 

JOC.com 10/07/2019
Portrix tie-up advances Xeneta's forwarding software integration

Riviera Maritime Media Ltd 10/02/2019
In a dour market, think small for profits

Shippingazette.com 10/01/2019
Container rates globally fall 0.1pc in September, continuing turndown

Global Maritime Hub 10/01/2019
Ocean Freight Indices Report (September) 

MarineLink 09/27/2019
Container Rates Fall Due To Overcapacity 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 09/26/2019
Xeneta container rates alert: Further rates decline for carriers as demand and overcapacity concerns compound uncertainty 

Riviera Maritime Media Ltd 09/26/2019
Freight rate declines on back of demand and overcapacity concerns 

Mfame 09/04/2019
From a Haphazard May To a Calmer June - Xeneta Tracks Freight Rates 

SeaNews Turkey 09/03/2019 
Rates keep falling - US west coast ports suffer from lower volumes: Xeneta

gCaptain 08/30/2019
Transpacific Tradelanes Receive 'Tariff' Boost as European Carriers Suffer

Riviera Maritime Media Ltd 08/30/2019
'Tit-for-tat' trade war hits US west coast ports

Handy Shipping guide 08/30/2019
A Quick Look at Some Happenings Along the Global Supply Chain This Week

Haven en Transport 08/30/2019
Xeneta container rates alert: Carrier strategies struggle to bear fruit as rates fall and trade continues to decline at Western US ports 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 08/26/2019
US-China Trade War Keeps Feeding Box Ship Business Uncertainty 

Mfame 08/12/2019
Asia-Europe Rates on Rise As IMO Launches New Tariff Rates!

SeaNews Turkey 08/05/2019
As trade war hits Asia-US rates, capacity withdrawn on Europe routes 

Lloyd's Loading List 08/02/2019 
Recent blank sailings on Transpacific help lift spot rates 

MarineLink 07/31/2019
Xeneta: Trade War Impacting on Far East

PortNews 07/31/2019
Xeneta:Trade war impacting on Far East-US rates as carriers move to improve demand-supply fundamentals on European routes  

JOC.com 07/25/2019
Catapult - Xeneta pact out the gate with forwarder win 

Transport Weekly 07/09/2019
Global container shipping rates fell by 1.7 per cent

Shippingazette.com 07/05/2019
Mixed ocean freight rates preformance across major trade lanes

Lloyd's Loading List 07/01/2019 
East-west ocean freight rates set to further diverge during summer peak 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 06/28/2019
Container rates alert: Xeneta tracks slight decline in contracted ocean freight rates for June after 'mad' May

The Morningstar 06/28/2019
Smooth sailing for rates on the transpacific, but rougher seas for Asia-Europe

The Loadstar 06/24/2019 
The Morrow Roberson Road Test: Catapult and Xeneta collaboration an all-around win

PortNews 06/20/2019 
Xeneta and Catapult announce agreement 

US News & World Report 06/17/2019 
US Companies' Message to Trump: Don't Expand China Tariffs 

TradeWinds News 05/31/2019 
Long-term boxship rates jump 11% 

Ship Management International 05/31/2019
Xeneta reveals jump in contracted freight rates for containership segment as new contracts are finalised

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 05/27/2019
What Makes Freight Rates Rise and Fall?

NewScabal 05/15/2019
Falling ECSA-Asia spot rates puts shippers on notice

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 05/15/2019
Container Rates Alert: Asia-Europe Low Demand Leads to Maersk Rate Drop 

Handy Shipping Guide 05/07/2019
Whilst Shippers May Celebrate Container Rate Fall Vessle Owners Face Problems

Exim India 05/07/2019
Stakeholders advised to adjust to latest market situation in volatile rate scenario 

Benzinga 05/06/2019 
Brexit's Real Impact On Trade Is Only Speculative At Best 

Logistics Middle East 05/05/2019
Xeneta reveals sudden container rates decline in all major shipping corridors  

Lloyd's Loading List 05/03/2019 
Ocean freight contract rates fall in April on all major lanes 

FTW Online 05/02/2019
Market analysis reveals rates decline in contract market 

Morningstar 05/02/2019
Port Report: China sees decent growth in container volumes for the first quarter 

Seatrade Maritime 05/02/2019
Container freight rates slump 4.2% in April

Splash 247 05/02/2019
Box rates slide in April 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 04/16/2019
Alliances, Carriers and Logistics

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 04/11/2019
A global shipping revolution is weeks away - Here are the likely winners and losers 

Lloyd's Loading List 03/29/2019
'Moderate' rise in global ocean freight rates in March 

MarineLink 03/28/2019
Container Rates Alert: Box Industry Builds 

American Journal of Transportation 03/28/2019
Container rates alert: Container industry builds on Feburary recovery with cautious rates rise through March

The MediTelegraph 03/28/2019
"Container industry on the rise again"

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 03/25/2019 
Brexit: Hard Landing for Boxships

FTW Online 03/20/2019
Duty dilemma awaits post-Brexit cargo

Container Management 03/04/2019
Xeneta: Negative trend in freight rates reversed

FreightWaves 03/03/2019
Is container shipping industry boxed in?

FreightWaves 03/03/2019
Commentary: Confusing symptoms with the cure

SeaNews Turkey 03/01/2019
Box rates reverse downward trend as trade surges: Xeneta 

Steel Guru 02/28/2019
Mega Ships Dilemma and an Economic Slowdown - Xeneta 

FTW Online 02/27/2019
Upward trend in container rates - report 

Portnews 02/27/2019 
Xeneta reveals container segment boost with increased US exports and European imports

TradeWinds News 02/27/2019
US and European activity lifts boxship rates

Maritime Professional 02/27/2019
Mega Ships affect Freight Rates: Xeneta  

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 02/26/2019
Mega Ships Dilemma and an Economic Slowdown 

The Next Web 02/13/2019 
Here are the 5 hottest startups in Norway 

Lloyd's Loading List 02/12/2019 
US box imports still strong as tariff hike approaches 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 02/11/2019 
Further Disruption Expected in Container Ship Market Despite Best Efforts From Leading Carriers 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 02/09/2019
Xeneta container rates alert: carrier strategies struggle to bear fruit as rates fall and trade continues to decline at Western US ports

Lloyd's Loading List 02/07/2019
Box lines face struggle to pass on IMO 2020 fuel costs

Sociedade Nacional de Agricultura 01/25/2019
Guerra comercial impacta transporte de grãos 

American Journal of Transportation 01/25/2019
Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI) long-term contracts update Janurary 2019

The Loadstar 01/25/2019
Carriers aiming to hang on to spot rate gains as Year of the Pig trots in 

TradeWinds News 01/25/2019 
Xeneta: Asia-Europe boxship build-up puts pressure on rates

Haven en Transport 01/25/2019
CONTAINER RATES ALERT: Xeneta Shipping Index (XSI) Long-Term Contracts Update January 2019 

World-Grain.com 01/24/2019
Trade War's impact on grain shipping

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 01/08/2019
Xeneta container rates alert: Trade war impacting on Far East - US rates as carriers move to improve demand-supply fundementals on European routes 

Lloyd's Loading List 01/04/2019
Asia-Europe box trade face multiple headwinds, says analyst 

The Loadstar 21/12/2018
A festive rate respite, but carriers may be in for 'a bumpy ride' in 2019

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 20/12/2018
Xeneta Global Index Delined by 2,1% in the past month 

American Journal of Transportation 12/20/2019
XSI index from Xeneta

American Journal of Transportation 12/12/2018
Executives must watch both sea and air amid trade war tensions, warns Xeneta 

FBJ - Freight Business Journal 12/12/2018
It's time to keep tabs on freight rates, says Xeneta

FTW Online 12/11/2018 
Learn how to get ready for ocean freight rate negotiations 

Digital Ship 29/11/2018 
Market intelligence product to track container trands

MarineLink 11/29/2018
Xeneta Launches Monthly Container Shipping Index 

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 11/28/2018 
Xeneta Launches Public Indices for Long-Term Contract Marke

American Journal of Transportation 11/28/2018
Xeneta unveils XSI Public Indices, delivering monthly insights on long-term ocean freight rate development

FWT Online 11/27/2018
IMO 2020 regulation: fuel transparancy key for the industry

Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide 10/28/2018
Container Rate Development: 2018 Year-to-Date Trans-Pacific

The Loadstar 10/26/2018
Cancelled sailing prop up Asia-Europe spot rates, but demand looking uncertain 

Lloyd's Loading List 10/22/2018
Pressure on lines for Asia-Europe prices to fall 

MundoMaritimo 10/22/2018
Ruta Lejano Oriente-Europa Noroccidental: del buen pie del primer semestre al declive

MundoMaritimo 10/16/2018
Cuáles son los 10 principales riesgos globales de la cadena de suministro? 

The Loadstar 10/15/2019
OOCL announces bunker recovery surcharge to cover IMO 2020 compliance 

Supply Chain Management Review 10/08/2018
Supply Chain Managers Hoping to See Rebound in Global Ocean Cargo Container Sector 

Supply Chain 24/7 10/03/2018
Top 35 Ocean Carriers 2018: Turnaround time? 

FTW Online 10/02/2018 
Why big data in shipping and freight is important 

Lloyd's Loading List 09/28/2018 
Spot box rates stable, but Sino-US tariffs cloud Q4 transpacific outlook 

Lloyd's List 09/26/2019
2M rivals look to capitalise on Asia-Europe withdrawals 

Hellenic Shipping News 09/20/2018
BICEPS Network helps the future of Ocean Freight 

The Loadstar 09/14/2019
Slack season pressure could spark new Asia-Europe capacity crunch 

MundoMaritimo 09/14/2019 
Continúa inestabilidad de las tarifas en la ruta del Lejano Oriente - Costa Este de Sudamérica

Cadena de Suministro 09/13/2018
Las navieras deben decidir sobre sus tarifas antes de que empice la temporada baja  

Container News 09/12/2018
September 2018: Container Rate Developments 

TradeWinds News 08/30/2018
Transpacific lines make hay in peak season as tariffs loom

Lloyd's List 08/29/2018
Container lines struggle to raise Asia-Europe rates

Kreativt Forum 08/20/2018
Maskinen øker ytelsen

MundoMaritimo 08/20/2018
Estrategias tarifarias ineficaces y costos del bunkering marcan desempeño  del sector portacontendor

Air Cargo News 08/17/2018
You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello 

The Loadstar 08/17/2018
The worst is over claim box carriers that are seeing signs of profit in Q3

Splash 24/7 08/16/2018
Digital freight space in limbo: Kontainers

Maritime Logistics 07/30/2018
Boxships Buffeted by Competing Calamities

Tradewinds News 07/04/2018
New Xeneta benchmarking index enter packed box freight market

Supply Chain Digital 07/03/2018
Xeneta pledges transformation of ocean freight rate negotiations

Supply Chain Dive 07/02/2018
Xeneta launches transparent freight platform

Maritime Profesionals 07/02/2018
Xeneta transforms ocean freight rate negotiations and launches XSI, new index contract offering

Container Shipping & Trade 06/29/2018
Xeneta launched shipping index to ‘transform’ freight rate negotiations

JOC 06/27/2018
Xeneta offers new approach to index linked container contracts

American Shipper 06/27/2018
Xeneta launches freight rate index

Splash 24/7 06/27/2018
Xeneta launches container shipping index

The Loadstar 06/27/2018
Xeneta launches container freight index to help shippers find best deals

American Shipper 06/14/2018
DNB pioneers carrier earnings forecast model

Lloyd's Loading List 06/14/2018
Rising fuel cost hurting US shippers on land and at sea

Tradewinds News 06/06/2018
Xeneta ad DNB team on ‘earnings crystal ball’

American Shipper 05/24/2018
Executive Moves: Crowley and Xeneta

Maritime Logistics 05/23/2018
Dussler tapped to Lead Xeneta’s U.S. Ops

American Shipper 03/23/2018
Xeneta: Transpacific rate instability indicative of persistent overcapacity

The Loadstar 03/23/2018
Spot rates tumble with excess capacity and threat of US-Chine trade war

The Loadstar 01/26/2018
Longer-term Asia-Europe contracts for ocean freight rates a better deal for carriers

American Shipper 12/14/2017
Xeneta adds air freight benchmarking

The Loadstar 12/14/2017
Xeneta answers client pleas with inclusion of air freight data

Trade Winds News 12/14/2017
Xeneta takes a shot at air freight

American Shipper 12/15/2017
Executive moves: Xeneta, Anacostia Rail Holdings. Mohawk Global Logistics and Virginia Maritime Association

The Loadstar 12/05/2017
Xeneta strengthens its services with an NVO team

American Shipper 11/30/2017
Xeneta adds reefer container rates to its platform

Lloyd's List 11/24/2017
Rate slides putting downward pressure on Asia-Europe contract negotiations

The Loadstar 11/24/2017
Transpac fears as pressure on spot rates hardens but Asia-Europe is calmer

The Loadstar 10/13/2017
Gloomy Outlook for liner shipping as container rates continue to slide

The Loadstar 10/12/2017
Digitalization wont provide the predicted revolution in container shipping says Alphaliner

Supply Chain Dive 10/05/2017
Ocean carriers cut calls to Europe due to low economic confidence

American Shipper 10/03/2017
Report: Container segment likely to see mixed results during peak season

Tradewinds News 10/03/2017
A tale of two Christmases for boxships?

The Financial Times 09/18/2017
China’s ports hit hard by global trade slowdown

The Loadstar 08/22/2017
Asia-Europe spot rates still under pressure as slack season looms

Lloyd's List 08/18/2017
Lines battle to keep ocean freight rates buoyant

The Loadstar 08/15/2017
Rates war or not, ocean volumes and load factors are falling as slack season looms

The Financial Times 02/28/2017
Are emerging markets entering a new virtuous cycle?